Prospect GrassRoot - 2018


Manufacturer's Description:

The GrassRoot comes from the inner mind of the “board builder”. A break from the jive marketing terms that companies use to describe the same materials. The board builder can see through the sweet wordsmithed tech each company. The reality is many boards on the market are outsourced, likely come from the same, small grouping of factories, and likely even share some of the tooling. To someone who appreciates craftsmanship, pride in their work; pride in our sport of snowboarding; this is weak sauce. How else could a company really know what goes into their boards? How else could a company know what a one species of wood feels like in hand vs. another and how that would translate onto the slope. How does a company that outsources their main product really know how to make a great riding board without having the hands on understanding of each detail that goes into a snowboard. The GrassRoot, without apology opens the door to new thinking, new understanding, and new sight into how snowboards are built. The GrassRoot is only available to be made to order, in house from our showroom. Want to see your board being built? This isn’t a shelf product that you buy, this is an experience. Step into the mind of the source.

Recommended for freeride riding.

Hybrid Rocker/Camber Construction.

Twin Shape.

Year: 2018

Available Lengths (cm):
152, 154.5, 157, 161

Riding Style: Freeride


Shape: True Twin
Flex: Pick your flex
Core: Pick your core
Base: Isospeed7200
Glass: Pick your Laminate
Sidewall: Triple Dampened sintered

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Prospect GrassRoot

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