Prior FLC - 2016


Manufacturer's Description:

The Fall Line Carve (FLC) alpine board incorporates the best of our WCRM shape and metal construction with a few adjustments. The shape has a dual radius sidecut with a two meter radius difference off the back end. The dual radius provides sharper turn initiation, incredible edgehold and smooth exits from the turn without hooking, allowing effortless transition from one turn into the next. The FLC design is user friendly, easier to “unlock” from a committed turn, but in no way hinders edge hold, snap or drive off the board’s tail.

Profile: Traditional Camber for maximum edge grip and post turn energy, combined with a very slight short early rise in the tip for lightning fast turn initiation

Rider Type: Intermediate and advanced alpine riders, hard-core recreational alpine competitors.

Best For: Ice, groomers, fall line, gates, racing.

Year: 2016

Available Lengths (cm):
163, 163W, 169, 169W, 173, 173W, 177, 177W, 183, 183W, 187, 187W

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Metal/Carbon Construction

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Prior FLC

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