GNU Park Pickle - 2010


Agile, extremely poppy and easy to throw into spins and flips on natural and park hits. The GNU Park Pickle is super fun freestyle snowboard that’s a dream for jibbing and piste bashing. Take this oversized cucumber off-piste on steep terrain and you’ll find it lacking… but you knew that anyway… didn’t you?

Manufacturer's Description:

Twin asymmetric magnetraction banana for ducks! The Park Pickle takes the next step in snowboard specific geometrics. Banana between your feet for easy riding, catch free park freestyle performance, and unreal float in powder. Magnetraction for unreal edgehold everywhere. Asymmetric sidecuts and construction to balance the different turning mechanics required for heelside turns. Your body is asymmetric your snowboard should be. Park Pickles with a deeper heelside sidecut and unique asym core, are designed around progressive riding and modern freestyle duck stance in all terrain. Hand build by snowboarders at Mervin mfg, using fast growing eco woods and environmentally friendly construction techniques the Park Pickle is some delicious green technology! Feel the power of Pickle tech!

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding High cost snowboard Available in Wide Rocker construction Twin shape

Year: 2010

Available Lengths (cm):
147, 150, 153, 156, 159, 156W, 159W

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Banana Magnetraction
Sandwich construction
Twin asymmetric shape for ducks
Double sintered UHMV sidewalls
Quasi Glass
Mervin Asymmetric AGA2 Eco farmed wood core
Sintered 9900 alloy base

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GNU Park Pickle

Snowboard Review:

Hale the mother of all Gerkins, and probably the only vegetable you can snowboard on. Having ridden the GNU Danny Kass previously, no suprises, they’re very similar boards. Both use the GNU rocker profile and have similar waist widths, Magnatraction edges, smooth buttery pops when initiating spins and ridiculously forgiving landings. However, the clever folks at Mervin have managed to squeeze a little bit of extra technology into the Park Pickle.

The Asymmetric sidecut means that heelside carves required less effort to crank, bit of a bonus if you’ve eradicated forward lean on your high-backs for hitting rails. Kickers and rails were an absolute joy and inspired masses of confidence due to the catch free run-ins and the skateboard-y feel underfoot. As far as I can see, the only foreseeable issue with the Park Pickle is the heavily rocker nose and tail which if landed on heavily wash out, so probably not the best board to go dropping cliffs on. Anyone from Beginner to pro who’s looking for a park or piste bashing ride will enjoy spinning and flipping about on the GNU Park Pickle. If you’re looking to land big tricks into tail heavy powder you might be better looking at a slightly stiffer less forgiving board withough such a pronounced rocker.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • GNU

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What colour is powder?

BG on January 30, 2010 at 03:16 AM

Hey, how well do you think it would hold up in pipe?

Rich Ewbank on January 30, 2010 at 12:10 PM

The magnetraction should help with pipe walls, but I’d look at the Danny Kass. The C2 Banana in the Kass provides a touch more grip, but the boards still really playful.

prets on March 22, 2010 at 10:55 PM

Rode a pickle through japan this season, shredded park and pow really well. As for pipe, there was a guy in the olympic final riding one.. enough said.