Lib Tech Mc Kink BTX - 2010


More mad science from the Lib Tech labs. One of the softer boards in the Lib Tech range designed to be ridden all over the mountain, the Mc Kink hides the effective edge, contact surface area and sidecut radius of a board about 3-4cm longer, with the jib-ability of your usual park deck. Everyone’s a winner.

Manufacturer's Description:

Kink, Banana, Mag! This is the most visible, functional, snowboard-specific tech on the planet. Matt Cummins has 19 years of skate influenced board design experience. Originally designed by Matt Cummins back in the late 80’s. The idea for this shape was to develop a board that rides well in powder as well as being able to jib rocks, rails, logs, etc. Add Banana Tech and Magne-Traction to the 80’s kink design…

Mission Accomplished!

MC KINK: Transition ease. A kinked tail is a tail curve derived from a kink. A smooth mellow entry floats over all obstacles, kink aggressively changes tip angle allowing maximum height to be reached quickly. This allows a shorter, lighter board with an equal tip height. Great for climbing walls or tech switch landings.

Recommended for halfpipe riding.

Recommended for rail riding.

Rocker Construction.

Twin Shape.

Year: 2010

Available Lengths (cm):
153, 155

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


CORRECT SANDWICH: Low spin weight!
KINKY BANANA TECH: Control between your feet!
MC MAGNE-TRACTION: Rides like a skateboard!
RADIAL TWIN: freestyle!

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Spencer on March 09, 2010 at 06:17 AM

The MC Kink to date is my favorite board.  I was a long time Ride rider and never believed in the hype of other brands and stayed true to them for 10 years.  A lot of experienced riders I know have been pushing me towards wanting to try a Lib Tech and finally an end of season sale got me to buy one (thanks Stevens Pass Board Shop :))

I picked up the 155 version which I felt was a bit small, but I was promised these things ride long, closer to a 159 or 160.  I am 5’10 and around 190lbs with an 11.5 boot.  So I have typically stayed with wider waisted boards and definitely in the 161-163 range.

First impression of this board were a bit negative.  It had a tendency to track to the right on straights, and the Magna Traction is something that requires a bit of time in seat, so the same pressure I would apply with previous boards was causing me to dig way to deep on hell-side turns or just plain catching and dumping me, especially on the hardpack/ice.  One big thing however was at speed, this thing was stable beyond anything I had ridden previously.  After my 3rd day and some slight binding adjustments I definitely got the feel down, and linked turns at high rate of speeds, regardless of the conditions are effortless, the stability when free-styling around is absolutely awesome, nearly feels like you can’t take a bad jump, locking onto rails is also very simple and boxes are just about the same as always.  One thing I expected was a more pop, it definitely isn’t a slouch, but I did expect a bit more then what I am currently getting (maybe I just need to keep flexing it).

Overall though this is an 8 out of 10, if you get one, just be ready for a slight learning curve.  Once you get it down though, this thing will make you smile all day long!

Fed on April 13, 2010 at 09:20 AM

Ive put in about 100 days on my kink, this thing is getting beat on the daily, and feel like I will never get another snowboard.

Lets start out saying that Ive owned 3 Lib tech’s out of the 6 boards ive ridden since starting riding a decade ago. The old LTHC 148 which i lost of the roof of a rig, the first retail edition Skate Bannana and the MC Kink.

Lets set some already known things aside, BTX rips in pow, you can PUMP the snow like your skating even when it knee deep, and you get the ability to lock in on rails, boxesand butters with ease. magne keeps you from slipping on anything including marble floors, the face of a seal, ice, bannaa peeels them selves, you get it slippery things.

Now lets get to the kink. At first i was hesitant becasue the board is small at 153 and I liv in the Cascades where deep heavy snow can be an issue for those riding anything under 160.  BTX soothed my tensions knowing that the baord ride a bit longer. when I got the deck and started examining it, riding it, i noticed that it felt HUGE. so I compared the specs to lib’s other boards… Its gt the flex of a skate bannana with the widths and effective edges off of Phoenix’s TRS’ and the like in the 160 range which lets it handle like a pipe board and float like a taper shape. But the fun does not stop their.

The KINK tips looked weird to me and my friend at all, but now i cant imagine anything else. The shortness of the board (about 153 stretching the ruler tip to tip but 153 if you lay the ruler on the board itself tip to tip)  gives it manuverability like your favorite park stick. The kink also allows you to pop your ollies like you would on a normal board and come back into transitions liek your guided by lasers. and by transitions i mean pretty much anything you could ride on to get back to the snow. the flex is soft enough to let you press and butter to your hearts content(i get compliments on mine sometimes) but its firm enough to not fold in the chunk or bounce you onto your face when your landing nose heavy. its surprising how a board that would seem to be a pipe deck is actually a rail killer.

I have few quarells with this board.. its a bit slow in the flats or on slush because of the surface drag due to its width, and feels like a serious rail rider would want more flex out of it. But for what this board performs exactly as it should if not better in its natural environment under its intended use—-> riding the cascades in any condition on any terrain and slaying.

P.S. this board will force you to ride aggressively