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The Holy Moly is probably the most eyecatching snowboard of the 2011 season. The graphics are standout in the luminous orange, yellow and blue colour-ways and the boards construction is like nothing you have ever seen. Approach with care, damn the Forum Holy Moly looks cool, but it’s quite an awkward and soulless snowboard to ride. For laps of your local hill’s pro line jumps and superpipe it’s ideal but for anything else you’d have more fun riding a railway sleeper.

Manufacturer's Description:

You are welcome.

The Holy Moly is the best park board in the world. It includes every technology imaginable to make you go higher, faster, jib and land easier. Combo Platter combines the aggressive ollie-pop and control of camber with the forgiving playful feel of rocker, ending the rocker vs. camber discussion forever. With Booter Boosters NexTreme for carbon enhanced ollie-pop, Buttercup in the tip and tail to provide a catch-free ride and the absolute fastest base and lightest wood core possible, the Holy Moly would cost hundreds more if any other brand had the ability to build it. Enjoy. This one’s on us.

Recommended for park riding.

Recommended for halfpipe riding.

High cost $

Camber Construction.

Twin Shape.

Year: 2011

Available Lengths (cm):
152, 155, 158

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Combo Platter profile
Twin shape
‘Really Light’ Core
Light Triaxial laminates
‘Really Fast’ sintered base
Booter Boosters NexTreme
Swingers Club
Flex 5/10

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Forum Holy Moly

Snowboard Review:

Andreas Wiig’s move from Nitro to Forum last season was big news for Forum but put a lot of pressure on Forum’s engineers to create something special for the man of the moment to continue his X-Games winning streak on. Like all of Forum’s graphics this season the Holy Moly’s lick of paint looks great, it’s only when you find out the rough looking blade is a sketch of a prison shank, designed to symbolize a weapon made of the best materials available that you realize Forum are sailing a little close to controversy.

There are a number of strange technologies being used on the Holy Moly including the raising of the start and end of the effective edge a kind of toned version of Bataleons Triple Base Technology, and risers at the bindings that kink the edge upwards at the feet, Forum call it the Combo Platter. Strapping into my Drake’s I was immediately aware of how stiff the Holy Moly was between the bindings, both torsionally and longitudinally and it’s not like the nose and tail are any softer, it reminded me of a Rossignol Decoy I rode a couple of years ago. Pop was pretty explosive but required a lot of effort to get the results, and run in lines to jumps were really stable if a little robotic, especially as the scoop nose and tail reduced any catchiness. So the Holly Molly is a great board for run-ins to big jumps with all of the stability and pop of a stiff cambered board, but carving and working short aggressive turns was really unrewarding, almost boring, working against the stiff camber takes the fun out of turning and the relatively shallow sidecut (either it was shallow or the flex meant I couldn’t work it smoothly into carves) just wasn’t at all responsive. Personally I didn’t think the new Combo Platter added anything other than extra stiffness and a weird flex pattern. In hindsight, maybe the Holy Moly just needed breaking in, but it certainly wasn’t that much fun out of the shrink wrap.

I’ll be honest with you, the Holy Moly seems like a perfectly good a board for transporting extremely competent kicker riders into big transitions with 100% composure for throwing down big spins and inverts and then sticking steep landings, catching a chair lift and repeating the process. However, I know this isn’t how I like to make the most of my days on the mountain and if it isn’t your idea of snowboarding give the Holy Moly a miss, it just isn’t that much fun. Now where did I leave that Forum Scallywag.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Forum

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Mike on January 11, 2011 at 07:35 AM

Just gotta say shay you are dead wrong about this board… I was given a holy moly from a rep and rode it today.  Id have to say id be skeptical about buying this board after reading all the bad reviews about it. I honestly don’t see how you can bash this board as bad as you do.  It really is one of the best boards i have ridden and I have ridden pretty much everything.  I have been riding for 11 years im 6’1 190 lbs and rode a 158… First off this board was not as stiff as everyone is making it out to be. Its not a noodle but its not stiff either and when you size down they get softer too. I think it is the perfect stiffness for a all around park board.  I was able to press it out on everything just fine and buttering it around was effortless as well.  You are dead on however, with how stable this board is on high speeds and run ins on jumps. And it does have lots of pop as well. Another thing id like to ad about this board, is that nothing was mentioned about how it was on rails.  I get my days in at mammoth but most of my days are riding so cal mountains like bear mountain and mt high so i like boards that jib well too.  I have to say pressing this board was easy and it locked on to rails really good.  It felt really catch free like most burton/forums do and getting on a rail front or back binding locked on really good which may have to do with the up-lifted edges there.  Not trying to bash your review but i had a really good experience on this board and think that people looking at your board review should not be scared of buying this board.  I would recommend it to anyone from a intermediate to advanced park rider that wants a fun all around park board.  Good Job FORUM on the combo platter!!

Rich Ewbank on January 11, 2011 at 09:54 AM

THanks Mike, it’s always good to get someone else’s perspective on a board that I’m not blown away by, so no need to apologise. THat’s the thing about boards, they’re not built with every rider in mind. I’m 5’9” and 160lbs and 155 would be a good park size for me, but I felt the HM 155 was too much like hard work. I thnk this board is best suited to strong freestylers, intermediates would be better suited to the Honeypot. I’ll definitely be making sure I get on the Holy Moly again this May, or let our jib specialist Mikee C do the review.