Palmer Crown LE - 2010


Palmer’s Crown LE is without doubt the most exhilarating high speed snowboard I have ever ridden, with unmatched stability at speeds which usually feel like balancing on a knife edge. The Crown LE loves effortless long carves but is also responsive to aggressive riding styles. Lightweight and stiff: torsionally and through the length of the board, with a spec as long as your arm. Extremely impressive.

Manufacturer's Description:

Are You Experienced? Titanium-powered and carbon-fiber energized accelerations in our exclusive FLF shape will hold an edge on anything and it’s unreal in powder. Titanium and carbon work in combination like a bow – the more energy in, the more energy out. The legendary Palmer woodcore with Nomex™ Honeycomb in tip and tail delivers the lowest swing weight with exceptional response in the cap-sidewall construction. Smooth lacquered top plus 3D metal logo give it that high-end sports car look. Incredibly fun for an experienced freerider - very fast and powerful, yet smooth and easy-handling ride.

Recommended for freeride riding.

Recommended for big mountain riding.

Very high cost $

Camber Construction.

Directional Shape.

Year: 2010

Available Lengths (cm):
157, 161, 165

Riding Style: Freeride


4 Titanium Inlays
FLF Shape (Patented radii sidecut blend)
Nomex™ Honeycomb in Tip & Tail
4 Tip-to-Tail Carbon Fiber Strips
NCF Prepreg
Cap Sidewall Construction
Beech/Poplar Woodcore
Stone Ground Inlaid 7200 Graphite Base
Split Sidewalls
Directional Centered Stance

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Palmer Crown LE

Snowboard Review:

The Palmer Crown is terrifyingly fast. A high speed cruiser, the Crown takes any gradient or snow conditions in its stride. I took out the 165 on a sunny morning with about 6 inches of fresh on the hill. Carving down the mountain was sooo much fun, you can not go too fast for this board. The Crown is extremely stiff through the length of the board and torsionally. Holding a carve is where the Crown excels, carving down gentle gradients hand dragging is the norm. The large nose provided plenty of float in deeper snow, and the FLF sidecut really helped to eradicate that catch feeling you can get from stiff and super responsive boards. Due to its length, huge sidecut radius and immense stiffness the Crown is best suited to gunning large open powder faces and dropping critical cliff lines, and it’ll hold an edge in the sketchiest of snow conditions, it would also completely dominate any boardercross course.

The 7200 grade base just adds to the ridiculous speed of the Crown, the only factor stopping me from going any faster was the air resistance from my XL board pants.. next time I’m getting a cat-suit! If you’re looking to ride tight trees the Crown might be a little cumbersome and stiff, however, if speed (the velocity type) is your drug you will not be disappointed. My only disappointment with the Crown was that it doesn’t come any longer than a 165, riding the 165 is so stable and fast that it makes long snowboards completely addictive. This board is only suitable for powerful and experienced riders.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Palmer

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