Ride Concept UL - 2010


The Concept UL is Ride’s all mountain go anywhere flagship model. Fast as a missile, super light and damp underfoot the Concept UL is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile mountain killer!

Manufacturer's Description:

Unmatched premium performance. Ride’s ultra-light Concept UL offers infinite possibilities in the realm of all terrain versatility with a Stainless Steel edge, REAL UL Glass and a Copper Fusion Base. Designed for the mountain master who takes it all in, this impeccable Ride hangs with the lightest boards out there, but with smoothness that only Membrain, Silencer 7 and Slimewalls can bring you.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for halfpipe riding Recommended for freeride riding Very high cost snowboard Camber construction Directional twin shape

Year: 2010

Available Lengths (cm):
154, 157, 159, 161

Riding Style: All Mountain


Twin-ish shape
Quadratic sidecut
3/4” Setback
Thin Con
90A Slimewalls
Membrain top sheet
Carbon Array 7 torsion forks
Stainless Steel Edge
REAL UL Glass (Carbon and Aramid hybid glass)
Linear Carbon
Copper Fusion Base

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Ride Concept UL

Snowboard Review:

Fast, poppy and responsive - if you’ve got the cash the Concept UL is a perfect board for ruling the entire mountain. More forgiving and damp than the Society, despite the higher price tag the Concept is an easier and more versatile board. A slightly softer nose and setback stance helped float the Concept in slightly deeper snow, however, switch riding didn’t feel compromised and actually helped me get more out of my slightly feeble switch pop. Stable charging down the pistes and riding out sketchy landings, flying up pipe walls and straightlining backcountry booters switch, the Concept UL fits the Burton Custom and K2 Zero school of riding, easy going but explosive performance on tap.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Ride

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What colour is powder?

zach on October 17, 2009 at 07:34 PM

Great to see a review of this board.  Thanks.

I had pretty much settled on a Ride DH2 before I read your review of this board.  I just got rid of a Lib Skate Banana because it was too soft for me.  I’d had a Lib TRS BTX before that and hated it (longitudinally stiff + torsionally ridiculously soft = impossible to control and absolutely impossible to land).  Before those I owned a Lib dark Series MTX.  It was a great board (but heavy and stiff) and a K2 Zeppelin which was just too long and too much board for me (it was my first board and I was a beginner so I can’t pass judgement on its overall quality).

With that preamble on board history out of the way, I’d like to know your opinion about the DH2 vs. the Concept UL.  I ride mostly on the East Coast of the US (that means heavy, wet snow, or ice - no powder).  I ride all over the mountain.  I like to play around, hit features as I go and go semi- fast (semi-fast still feels really fast to me).  I don’t really go in the park, but would like to.  I need a board that is somewhat forgiving, but can still handle speed and that has pop.  My experience with reverse camber so far has been no pop - totally dead.  However, I liked the forgiving nature of reverse camber so the DH2 seemed ideal as I’ve read it’s got plenty of pop and is stable at speed.  I just wonder if I should man up and get something like the Concept UL since I want the high speed stability and pop it seems to offer and since you and others have described it as still being somewhat smooth (unlike the Society for example).

So what do you think?  DH2 or Concept UL?

I’ve also considered:  Burton Custom V Rocker, Lib Travis Rice C2, K2 Jibpan, K2 Believer.

Thanks a lot.  Sorry this was long.

Rally Bowl Central on October 17, 2009 at 08:10 PM

K2 believer seems more of the style you’re looking for, but the DH2 will serve you well, as will the concept, though if truth be told I think the concept would feel unhappy and deprived in heavy, wet snow. If I were to eliminate two boards from that list for you it’d be the Concept UL and the T Rice C2. they’re both good boards, just the credentials don’t fit.

Rich Ewbank on October 18, 2009 at 03:27 PM

Yo Zach,

Ride wise you’re looking for plenty of grip on Ice, not too much chatter in heavy spring slush, damp underfoot and reponsive edge to edge, generally a smooth refined ride. You like the forgiving nature of reverse camber but you want the pop and snap of camber.

By the sounds of it you want a cambered board with a directional twin shape, that should give you the pop you need, erradicate any chatter and opting for a directional twin shape not a complete twin will mean the board is slightly better for gunning it.

So if it’s an either or, I’d go for the Concept UL or it’s slighty better and lighter cousin the K2 Zero. If you want to go slightly more freestyle/park focused I’d look at the Rome Agent or the Ride DH. Alternatively you could look at one of the rocker hybrids, maybe the YES boards (the 156.5 which is Romain de Marchi’s board has camrock rocker, ultimate grip serated edges and an asym sidecut, the perfect rocker for riding on ice), Rossignol Angus, or the Mervin BTX boards or Never Summer boards. I’m not sure I’d go completely rocker, especially if you’re not looking at a Lib or gnu with Magnetraction.


zach on October 19, 2009 at 10:18 PM

Thanks very much to you both. 

That’s still a lot to think about, but very helpful.  I think I’m leaning towards the Concept UL, but I haven’t even looked at YES.  I will check them out.

Zach on October 21, 2009 at 02:21 AM


One last question about the Concept UL:  It’s too late to ask really (I already bought the board), but how would you describe it’s torsional flex?  One thing I hated about my TRS BTX was that it was stiff longitudinally, but very soft torsionally, so if you landed with any bias to heel or toe, you were screwed.  I have been reading today that the Concept UL is soft torsionally and that is freaking me out.

Any opinions, condolences?


Rich Ewbank on October 21, 2009 at 03:31 PM

Hi Zach,

To put your worries at ease, I didn’t think the UL was soft torsionally, just your regular all mountain freestyle snowboard torsional stiffness. It was responsive and held an edge through tight and long carves, no washing out at speed and no washing out when I landed on the edge. Remember rocker boards don’t have the torsional stiffness that camber naturally provides, that’s why they fill them with torsion forks. It’ll be great.

Zach on October 22, 2009 at 08:10 PM


Billy on April 21, 2010 at 03:24 AM

I noticed you don’t have a review of the Ride Slackcountry. However, I have read that it is in fact a Powder version of a Concept UL with more rocker and without the stainless steel edges. Can you support this? I am thinking of adding a powder board to my quiver, but like the idea of buying one that is twin-directional like the Slackcountry, so I can still ride switch in deep powder.

Zach on November 06, 2011 at 06:15 PM

So, I jut spent 2 seasons on the Ride Concept UL.  I Noe have the new Ride Machete,

The Conceptul was ubelievable twitchi]y (or resonsive depending on you style I haven’t had a chance to take it off piste, but since the camber makes it total crap in powder.

Main problems:  You can never be lazy, or the least bit sloppy on this board.  It is toatally unforgiving of “driver - error”.  So far al the reverse camber boards have been crap outsid the the park and slow and unstable on groomers.  This was especially troublesome at the end of a long day.

The “Mebrain” top sheet was weak and chipped and scratched easily.

Don’t know what else to saY. The board is super stiff, super, very light, fast and did I mention fast? I honestly had hard time slow down.