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Odin Split reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Venture Odin Split - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The splitboard version of Venture’s exciting collaboration with Johan Olofsson the Odin. There isn’t a whole lot more to say.

Venture Odin Split

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Venture Odin - 2012 0 Venture Odin user review(s).

Since the day that we received a press release from Venture boasting about the upcoming release of their collaboration with Swedish Big Mountain legend Johan Olofsson we were uncontrollably excited. To have one of the most influential freeriders ever to grace the planet working with such a small, flexible and forward thinking manufacturer was a mouth-watering prospect. The result of this collaboration is the Odin. Blending a slightly tapered shape with a reverse camber profile that has a flat section between the bindings, a 40mm setback stance and a near 10m sidecut the Odin is designed for epic powder descents down exposed faces and over jaw-dropping roll-overs.

Venture Odin

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Venture Storm Split - 2012 0 Venture Storm Split user review(s).

Venture took the Storm, cut it in half from tip to tail, placed Ptex sidewalls and steel edges on the inside edge and added all of the necessary inserts required to mount Voile’s Split Decision hardware. That pretty much covers the split version of the Storm.

Venture Storm Split

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Venture Storm - 2012 0 Venture Storm user review(s).

The Storm is the snowboard that really threw Venture into the limelight after winning a whole host of awards. It combines a light 8mm taper with a long reverse camber nose than blends into a flat profile under the feet. The conservative sidecut ensures the Storm works in tight treelines as well as storming open bowls and the moderate 30mm set-back stance meets a compromise between the benefits of float and good edge control.

Venture Storm

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Venture Zephyr Split - 2012 0 Venture Zephyr Split user review(s).

The most versatile shape that Venture builds the Zephyr gets split to increase the amount of new and interesting terrain you can carve your dream line into.

Venture Zephyr Split

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Venture Zephyr - 2012 0 Venture Zephyr user review(s).

Venture is a small freeride snowboard manufacturer owned by husband and wife team Lisa and Klemens Branner and is based in the Silverton a small mining town deep within Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. The Zephyr is their ride everything freeride snowboard, equally at home on groomed slopes as it is cutting fresh lines down near vertical couloirs. Its only setback 20mm and there is only 6mm of taper so although it rips in powder it’s still at home on less desirable conditions. Last year the Zephyr won a Backcountry Magazine and Future Snowboard Magazine award.

Venture Zephyr

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Venture Helix Split - 2012 0 Venture Helix Split user review(s).

The split version of the backcountry kicker assassin the Helix allows you to access hits in a matter of minutes that would otherwise take you hours.

Venture Helix Split

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Venture Helix - 2012 0 Venture Helix user review(s).

No taper? A centred stance? Only goes as big as a 163? And the sidecut radius is only a moderate 8m! Well even the folks at Venture like to throw tricks into the mix and the Helix is the board they do it on. Reverse cambered for float but using pretty standard all-mountain snowboard dimensions the Helix is designed for big mountain freestylers who prefer powder to rutted park landings.

Venture Helix

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