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Rad-Air Tanker - 2010 1 Rad-Air Tanker user review(s).

Rad Air have been around for years, but for the last 10 years they’ve been under the radar, but 2009/10 is the season for Rad Air to explode on the big mountain scene. Owner Harry Gunz has been quietly taking the design input from a list of pros that would make Burton jealous! Freeride legends Flo Orley and Ralph Castleberg head up the RnD team backed up by AK legends Dani Kiwi Meier, the madder than box of frogs Shawn Farmer (if you don’t know this guy watch some of the early TB movies), and of course early 90s halfpipe legend (and one of Terje Haakonsen biggest influences through his early years) Reto Lamm.  For the 2009/10 season the Tanker range has been rockered for an even more effortless long board experience. If snowboarding for you is about flowing through big mountain lines in head high powder, the Tanker is the snowboard for you.

Rad-Air Tanker

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Rad-Air Limited Edition Silver Tanker 200 - 2010 0 Rad-Air Limited Edition Silver Tanker 200 user review(s).

In the words of Rad Air owner and freeride legend Harry Gunz - “The tankers are super surfy, they’ll remind you of the old days when all boards had rocker or convex bases. The feel is like you’re riding a longboard in a smooth wave.” The Limited Edition Silver Tanker has all the technology of the standard Tanker, like the surf inspired RR Rocker, Aramid Stringers to get rid of any unwanted chatter and a super fast sintered base to make freeriding even more effortless. With the Silver Tanker the guys at Rad Air have lengthened the Tanker to a huge 200cm with a 12.45m sidecut and thrown in a slick Aluminium topsheet, the board to topple the mighty Lib Tech Doughboy from it’s thrown as the King of big-mountain longboarding!

Rad-Air Limited Edition Silver Tanker 200

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