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Four 20 KGB - 2010 Four 20 KGB user review(s).

Cambered for preformance on corduroy, triaxial glass and rubber damping for improved edge hold and minimal chatter at speed and a tip to tail Aspen core and bamboo sidewall for lively pop and acceleration out carves, everything you need for ruling the whole mountain.

Four 20 KGB

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Four 20 Albino Rhino - 2010 Four 20 Albino Rhino user review(s).

Did you know that Four 20 is the name for cannabis culture…. I’m suprised the guys in the factory actually manage to make any boards at all! But they have and the Albino Rhino is their freestyle park and mountain jib stick. All the fun of a cut down twin with the versatility and playability you get with a rocker profile thanks to Four 20’s Smile Tech.

Four 20 Albino Rhino

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Four 20 Kind - 2010 Four 20 Kind user review(s).

Featuring Four 20’s smile technology or rocker profile to you and I, the Kind has been built to be a fun, playful and forgiving all mountain ride for lighter riders and women. Featuring all the standard Four 20 technology and green materials, so you can be Kind to the environment, (shocking pun..sorry folks).

Four 20 Kind

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Four 20 Powie Wowie - 2010 Four 20 Powie Wowie user review(s).

Four 20 say their powder focused deck the Powie Wowie has tons Deep snow float, is responsive edge to edge and stable at speed. One thing’s undeniable, the green materials and epoxy used in it’s construction will shame most ‘environmentally concious’ brands on the market.

Four 20 Powie Wowie

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Four 20 Frankenberrie - 2010 Four 20 Frankenberrie user review(s).

The Frankenberrie has a similar name to one of North America‚Äôs most memorable cereal box characters, but the Four20 Frankenberrie conceals more than sugar covered corn flakes. Designed to be ridden in the snowboard park, pipe and rails; with materials like hemp, bamboo and a pine based epoxy, there’s nothing but the greenest additives in this board. Will Four20 release a Count Chocula themed board next year? We hope so!

Four 20 Frankenberrie

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Four 20 Northern Lights - 2010 Four 20 Northern Lights user review(s).

Four 20 love the whole hemp thing so much they’ve named all of their boards after famous variaties of herb. Introducing the Northern Lights, an aggressive freeride rocker for great float in deep snow. Triaxial glass and a tip to tail Aspen core for smooth flex and great edge hold and an ISO 7500 grade base. The real benefits of the Northern Lights are it’s green credentials. The triaxial fibreglass has been reinforced with hemp fibres, standard UHMV sidewalls replaced with Bambo and all of these materials glued in place with an eco-friendly Pine based epoxy.

Four 20 Northern Lights

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