Snowboard Boot Size Checker

At we get inundated with questions about whether snowboard X is going to be a good fit for boot size Y. We thought it was about time we created an easier way for you to find out the answer, so we locked a handful of scientists in a dark room with strict instructions to build us a supercomputer capable of processing the immense calculations required to work out the perfect boot size.

After minutes (maybe even seconds) of hard graft our scientists have achieved what many thought a complete waste of time, the scientists call it ‘Boot Measurement Matcher 2011 mk1’ we call it ‘The Magic Boots Size Checker Thing’.

Call it what you will, the premise is simple, follow the instructions below, fill in the boxes and we’ll tell you the perfect boot size:

  1. Enter the waist width and sidecut radius measurements of the board you’re eyeing up.

  2. Now add your stance width. Stance widths can vary considerably, a narrow women’s stance can be as narrow as 18” whereas a taller male freestyler’s stance can be as wide 26”.

  3. Now enter your binding angles. If you’re not sure of these, for freestylers +15 for the front foot and -12 for the rear foot is a good start. If you’re a freerider then your angles will probably be a little steeper.

  4. Click the button labelled ‘Go, boot size calculator, go!’ and Snowboard Review will do the hard work.

Sidecut Radius (metres)

Stance Width (inches)

Waist Width (cm)

Front Binding Angle (degrees, e.g. 18)

Rear Binding Angle (degrees, e.g. -12)