Movie Premiere - Standard Films’ The Storming Calgary

We’re going to have to promote our resident forum handyman and general geeza Steve to Movie reviewer. This man does not beat around the bush when it comes to reviews. Steve popped down to his local Calgary cinema to see the new Standard Films’ Storming movie and managed to squeeze a whole evening’s entertainment the night into a pine-nut shell. By the sounds of it after all the free beer that managed to find its way down Steve’s gullet I’m surprised Steve managed to remember enough to write a review at all!

Steve followed fellow drinkers to the source of the free beer

OK, moving picture snowboard show time again!

Yours truly hit The Storming premiere in Calgary at the Plaza Theatre on October 13.  It was hosted by Mission and had a sweet hook-up from Steam Whistle brewery (aka, FREE BEER!).  Needless to say the crowd was in a hell of a good time once the flick started up.

I must admit, I like Standard Films…  they are punchy, edited well, the right length and throw in enough creative trickery to keep it fresh.  This flick has the big trick o’ the season, Torstein’s Triple Cork in a majestic 3 (or 4, had a bit of beer goggles going on) camera angle, super slow-mo, ewwie gooey melt-in-your-mouth goodness to finish it off.  Overall a nice balance of urban and backcountry and great soundtrack…  this one was my favourite of the season thus far (and no, not just because of the FREE BEER!).

Prize dispersed at the end from Burton, K2, Ride, Dakine and Mission.  Missed the after-party but such is life, must have been one rocking time.

Thanks to Mission for hosting the flick!

By the time the movie started Steve was unable to hold his camera level... you've got to love free beer

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