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The Skate Banana is the board that changed Lib Tech’s fortunes and placed them at the forefront of snowboard design. Having won countless awards and changing snowboard design forever the Skate Banana is undoubtedly a modern classic. The Skate Banana is the definition of an all-mountain jib stick; ridiculous fun all over the mountain in whatever conditions the weather throws at you, thanks to a Banana Tech profile and Magnetraction edges. Jib-kids and park-junkies that ride in icy conditions most of the time but want a softer board with the capacity to grip and hold an edge should take-note.

Manufacturer's Description:

Award winning snowboard-specific designs on modern twin geometries. Rocker “banana” between your feet makes the Skate Banana loose and catch-free, it presses boxes, rails and jibs extremely well with the preset rocker, maintains pop with a stiffened tip and tail, and turns easily on hardpack or ice when the built-in rocker is put on edge. The built-in rocker curve makes the board float naturally in powder and the firm nose and tail prevent the board from folding in chunky conditions. Snowboarding is easier and more fun for all!

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding High cost snowboard Available in Wide Rocker construction Twin shape Green or Eco Friendly construction

Year: 2011

Available Lengths (cm):
148N, 151N, 149, 152, 156, 159, 153W, 156W, 159W

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


CORRECT SANDWICH: Low spin weight!
BANANA TECH: Control between your feet!
MAGNE-TRACTION: Rides like a skateboard!
SWIRL SINTERED UHMW BASE: Slippery like banana!

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Snowboard Review:

There aren’t many boards that carry a reputation like the Skate Banana; in fact the Burton Custom is the only board that I can draw comparisons with. Similarly to the effect that the Custom had on Burton’s popularity, the Skate Banana has been the driving force behind Lib Tech’s popularity among an entire generation of riders. So, without sounding too pessimistic, I expected the Skate Banana wouldn’t live-up to its infamous reputation, especially as there have been so many reincarnations from other brands since the boards release in 2006.

So how did it ride? Well, I’m happy to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. The Skate Banana was a lot of fun to ride; poppy and maneuverable at low speeds but surprisingly stable and grippy when cruising around. In fairness I never doubted that the Skate Banana would be a good jib board; it slides nicely along rails, it’s very easy to press and butter, it has plenty of pop for getting onto rails and a nice swing-weight for spinning. My concerns were that it wouldn’t have the same grip, stability and carving properties of its cambered counterparts….but you’ll be pleased to hear that the Skate Banana doesn’t compromise too much on any of these qualities. Firstly, it grips beautifully in carves and in short turns thanks to the Magnetraction; sure it won’t carve as well as a torsionally stiffer board like the Dark Series but you try jibbing hitting kinked rails on that! Secondly, it floats beautifully in deeper snow and deals with crud and ice with comparative ease. Finally, on landings; although it doesn’t have as much longitudinal and lateral strength as some stiffer kicker-focused boards it isn’t anywhere as weak as a lot of other jib boards; K2’s WWW is a prime example!

So, if you’re looking for a jib-focused board that is fun all over the mountain and will give you the edge over your fellow jibbers when riding in icy/variable conditions you won’t be disappointed with the Skate Banana.

Posted by Tom Ewbank in • Lib Tech

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frag on November 11, 2010 at 01:11 PM

Hey Can someone please help me out with this decision making problem i’m having? i like the Lib Tech Skate Banana i’m 5’8 and 175 pounds.My style of riding is all mountain is this the right board for me and what size. 156 for my height or 159 for my weight.

Rich Ewbank on November 11, 2010 at 02:33 PM

Not really frag, you’d be much better off with a board like the Lib Tech Travis Rice or GNU Danny Kass or Riders Choice that uses C2 banana if you want to ride all mountain. For park, jibbing and the odd bit of pow off the side of the groomers the Sk8 banana is a good fun choice.

Justin on November 30, 2010 at 12:46 PM

Hey I was wondering if this board will handle bigger jumps and is it alright for all mountain freeriding? also i was wondering what size board I would get im 6 to 6’1 and weigh around 200 lbs with a size 11.5 boot? thanks

Justin on December 01, 2010 at 06:51 AM

I didnt mean freeride in my last comment just all mountain. Also i would be mostly riding in the park doing jumps and a few boxs maybe rails.

Rich Ewbank on December 01, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Justin - For small to medium park jumps and boxes the Lib Sk8 banana is a dream machine. I think you are looking at the 159W with your height and weight. You might be able to use the 156W but that’s as small as you should go.

Justin on December 01, 2010 at 01:02 PM

so do you think 156W is too small?

Rich Ewbank on December 01, 2010 at 10:11 PM

You’d be ok on the 156W for park riding. The 159W would be a better choice if you intend to leave the confines of the park.

Marc on December 06, 2010 at 05:55 PM

Hi, I am looking to buy a board for my son. He likes doing the all sorts of tricks on the slopes and a bit of park riding. He will be in his 4th year and is quite experienced and has a good technique.

I am trying to asses as to whether to get him a scallywag or Banana, what would your advice be or muybe even another alternative.

My son is 1.68M tall and lightly built, so what size should I get him. Boot size 25.5.



Rich Ewbank on December 07, 2010 at 10:13 AM

Hi Marc, I think for what your son wants to ride the Skate Banana sounds like a great choice and he’ll certainly get some props from his classmates for riding a Sk8 Banana. There are two sizes that would be suitable for him at the moment which would be the 148 and 151 Narrow width sk8 bananas these will be narrow enough for a 25.5 mondo or 7 to 7.5 US boot size. So I can direct you to the correct board, how much does your son weigh? The Scallywag is a wicked board but I don’t think it will accomodate a small boot like the narrow bananas will. Rich.

Marc on December 08, 2010 at 12:30 PM


Thanks for the reply. My son is 14 years old and still growing and weighs about 50 Kilo’s (110 Pounds). His boot size is probably closer to 7.5 or 8.0

The problem, he is still growing, so it would be nice if he can use the board somewhat longer, although I suppose he can always pass it on to his sister if he outgrows it too quickly (his sister is about same height and weight, but US lady size 7 - 7.5 boot).

Thanks for the advice,


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