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Every year we attend the board test somebody is raving about the Ride Crush. This year Aly tested the Crush for Snowboard-Review.com and after an afternoon spent lapping Kaunertal’s jibs and rails he too was babbling-on about the Crush. Soft, agile and buttery, the Crush is pretty one dimensional as far as versatility goes but this board really is only for those kids who want to ride the park all day, every day or somebody looking to add a jib board to their quiver.

Manufacturer's Description:

Packed with gifts that keep on giving, the buttery fun Ride Crush snowboard combines Ride’s LowRize™ shape with 85A Slimewalls® for a hook-free, super smooth Ride. Featuring the lightweight style of Membrain® and toughness of Cleave Edge™, this surfy twin snowboard shows total devotion whether slashing groomers or lapping the park.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding Medium cost snowboard Available in Wide Twin shape

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
147, 152, 155, 158, 153W, 156W, 159W

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Cleave Edge ™
Biaxal Glass
Fusion 1500
85A Slimewalls

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Ride Crush

Snowboard Review:

Watch the 2012 Ride Crush Video Snowboard Review

2012 Ride Crush Video Snowboard Review

The Ride Crush is an amazing freestyle board, it was easily my favourite out of all the boards I tested this year.

The first thing to say about this board is how lightweight it is, I combined the setup of this board with Ride’s Revolt bindings, I can’t remember if they’re designed for each other but it definitely seems that way. The result was an amazingly light setup making it easy to jib around the piste and all the park features. I am personally a fan of lightweight setups, it makes it almost effortless to do anything and the easier the ride the more fun I have.

The Crush has Ride’s LowRize rocker profile that runs from tip to tail with a flat section between the feet for a less catchy ride at speed thanks to raised contact points. The Crush is very flexible at the tips for presses and butters.

Running around the board’s edge is Ride’s Slimewalls, forgiving and ductile these absorb impacts rather than resisting them making the sidewalls almost indestructible.  Membrain technology is included on the Crush too and means the topsheet weighs less than half of a traditional plastic or lacquered topsheets. Ride keep the… erm ride smooth by infusing urethane into the Membrain fabric, the whole concept really pushes the limits of lightweight construction.

If you like riding park, especially if you’re an indoor or a small hill shredder this is definitely a really good choice of board. Not only does it come with all the right tech but at a really affordable price. The only downside to this board is it isn’t going to handle too well outside of the confines of the terrain park.

Super flexible
Low Cost
More fun than a Butlins Holiday… a lot more fun

Not so hot outside of the park

Posted by Aly Mac in • Ride

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Tom on May 28, 2013 at 03:50 PM

I’ve had this board for nearly a year now, using it exclusively as a jib/indoor board.

Pros: Good Pop Good edge hold (for a soft board), Lowrize rocker is forgiving yet more grippy and stable than a continuous rocker board. Really nice flex, perfect for buttering, jibbing and small hits. Loads of fun!

Cons: My main complaint is build quality. The top sheet chips so easily: the back of my board looked really messed up after just a few sessions at Hemel (from the inevitable treading on the back of the board from other boarders/skiers). Would disagree that ‘sidewalls (are) almost indestructable’. I’ve had this board less than a year and have two cracks and a bent section of edge between the bindings (toe-edge). This is not from any specific slam or abuse, just general rail riding…I think there are definately tougher boards out there.

Overall: A nice board to ride, smooth, poppy, supple and great edge hold for a soft board. Perfect for jibbing all over the hill or indoors. IMO not great build quality, if you hit a lot of rails you might f**k this board up quicker than you think!