Nitro Team Gullwing - 2012


Once upon a time the Nitro Team was the board to have, legends like Nicola Thost and Shin Campos endorsed it and every man, woman and grom wanted one. Now the Team is out of the limelight but boy-oh-boy does it perform! The Team is a light, technical and incredibly lively snowboard for strong intermediate riders through to pros focused on high speed freestyle riding.

Manufacturer's Description:

The Team series is the foundation of the Nitro board line. The goals was to build a lightweight, all around freestyle board at reasonable cost, but to make sure it will out-perform anything else on the market. The Powercore gives the board great snap for ollies and stability for choppy landing. The Duel Degressive sidecut males it easy to spin off jumps and prevents hooking in landings. It has a directional shape that comes in both standard and wide. New for this season is the Sintered Speed Formula base, to make sure you’re not going to get caught if you’re ducking ropes.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for halfpipe riding Recommended for freeride riding Medium cost snowboard Available in Wide Hybrid rocker/camber construction Directional twin shape

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
152, 155, 157, 159, 162, 157W, 159W, 162W, 165W

Riding Style: All Mountain


Camber or Gullwing profile
Bi-Lite Laminates
Dual Degressive Sidecut
Profile Tip
Sintered Speed Formula Base

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Nitro Team Gullwing Snowboard
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Nitro Team Gullwing

Snowboard Review:

Watch the 2012 Nitro Team Gullwing Video Snowboard Review

2012 Nitro Team Gullwing Video Snowboard Review

Every year I get to the last day of the board test and realise that I am still yet to ride a Nitro snowboard. With such a long history in our sport and reputation for creating some quality products, I had to get on a Nitro this year, and what better place to start than the legendary Team series, the board that has had more pros past and present contribute to its design than I care to or even can list. The Team series comes in two flavours, for those traditionalists who value edge hold and high speed precision the camber option is the way to go, I wanted to see if Nitro’s hybrid camber profile was anything to write home about so I took the Gullwing option out for a spin which blends camber in the tips with rocker between the feet. I would usually ride a directional twin in my all mountain length and have gone with the 157 or even the 159 but the folks at the Nitro demo tent suggested I ride it a little shorter and opt for the 155, I took their advice and attached by bindings for a shred.

As you’d expect from a board out of the Elan factory, the finish is extremely good. The split two tone sidewalls add a touch of class and the board felt extremely light… more on this in a bit. After a couple of runs I was already head over heels in love with the Team Gullwing and here are the reasons why: The Gullwing camber made the Team incredibly easy to flex into tight carves and as expected the camber in the tips gave plenty of punch when coming out of them. Ollies were really poppy, I didn’t have any issue getting onto park features and boosting off rollers and cat tracks the pop was nicely complimented by a tail that sets down landings. Boy oh boy the Team Gullwing responsive! At 24.8cm at the waist the 155 dances between edges and was a surprisingly good fit for my size 9US boots; aided by a very mellow entry and exit radii of 11m in the sidecut the Team literally rolls onto an edge and then when you pump through the carve the 7m centre radius of the sidecut a engages and powers your through carves, it’s a pretty extreme progressive sidecut but really works. I’d say the flex on the Team Gullwing was pretty middle of the road and not far off the Burton Custom Flying V, it did feel a little bit more stiff torsionally which meant that edge hold in carves was really planted and solid, however this wouldn’t be my go-to board for rail sessions as it did feel a little too firm. I was also really impressed with the Speed Formula base, the afternoon snow we were riding can really suck up all of your speed and a lot of riders were struggling to build enough speed to hit features in the park; my run-ins were shorter yet faster than anyone else on the hill. Finally, I mentioned the weight of the Team earlier as a real plus; the Team isn’t as light as the Burton Method or Amplid HiDef but it is definitely in the bantamweight category. What impressed me the most is how Nitro has kept the weight of the board out of the tips keeping the board’s swing weight to an absolute minimum. Flips and spins were so fast, controlled and effortless making this the perfect board for somebody pushing their freestyle riding or just an average joe who wants to break past the 360 barrier and start sticking some 5s.

The Nitro Team Gullwing was my favourite snowboard of this year’s board test. It is responsive, lightweight and fun and would be an inspired choice for a good snowboarder looking for a snowboard to ride everything on the hill. Transition riders are going to like this board the most, the pop is good, the edge hold on transitions is smooth and predictable and once you throw your spin and tuck your legs up you’ll see for yourself how much easier this board makes spins.

Fastest base I tested
Quick edge-to-edge and lively in and out of carves
Very low swing weight makes this board very easy to spin

Slopestyle credentials are a little let-down by a firmer torsional stiffness

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Nitro

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Frizz on December 25, 2011 at 10:44 PM

Hey guys, I hope u can help me. I’m about to buy the Team Gullwing and I would like to know which size I should take. I’m about 1,83m and I weigh around 79kg.

What’s your opinion? Thx in advance for your help.

Rich Ewbank on December 28, 2011 at 06:35 PM

Hey Frizz,

I’d suggest you go for either the 157 or 159… I’d probably go for the 157 as the 155 was perfect for me and I’m about 74kg and 1,79m. Rich

Justin Langford on January 19, 2012 at 07:00 PM

I bought my Nitro Team Gullwing right before winter this year and was super excited, not only for the price, but for the awesome reviews the hybrid camber was getting.  My first day an Snowshoe was awesome, the board was lightweight, fast, and super easy to throw around.  The conditions were not exactly amazing, kind of slushy and wet, but the board did amazingly well.  It was when It started snowing that I became disappointed in my new purchase.  I am not a super agressive rider and I don’t punish my board on rails or walls, but just riding in a few inches of fresh powder tore my topsheet to pieces!  At one point I looked down on the lift and had hunks of topsheet peeling back or chipping off after hitting nothing.  My base and edges had no nicks or scuffs and still the top sheet is tearing and seperating very badly.  In one day of riding my board looks worse than my last board after three years of punishment!  It seems to me that in keeping down the weight of the board, Nitro really lost quality in durrability.  Even better, after emailing Nitro, I got a quick responce that I needed to go through my board dealer, have them contact the company to decide if it is covered in my warrenty. lol.  I hate when somebody name drops ” burton” like they are the only good boards on the market, but I may have deffinately purchased my one and only Nitro.

andrew on February 01, 2012 at 08:13 AM

bought this board at the beginning of the year rides great you can do anything from park to pow and everything in between. handles rough landing like nothing, i loved it! then it de lamed and im still waiting to hear back from nitro and its been two weeks. if you have money to burn go for it other wise i would look at getting something like the never summer SL. very similar board, a little heavier but much more durable. its a cheap board for a reason.