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What’s left to say about the Skate Banana that hasn’t been said? 12months on SB-RV and it’s still the second most popular snowboard on the site, only just behind the mighty Burton Custom. The Skate Banana’s combination of Its loose and buttery Banana reverse camber profile and Magne-Traction edges mean that for freestylers who want a fun and forgiving snowboard that performs on an edge too it’s still one of the best snowboards out there.

Manufacturer's Description:

The Original All Terrain All Conditions Quiver Killing Freestyle Banana/Magne-Traction Series! Banana Tech reverses a snowboard’s “pressure map”. With Banana Tech your weight is shifted from your feet inward to the center of your board where balance is controlled. Some weight is still transferred to the tips and tails and full contact is maintained for control and stability but far less than is the case with tip-to-tail ski camber where the tips and tails are the focus of all weight distribution, making a board catchy and difficult to ride. This “Banana Tech” snowboard specific pressure map makes turns easy to initiate, is catch-free and forgiving, floats incredible in powder, and is unreal for jibbing and poppy freestyle fun. Ride a Banana! Art by Matt French

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding High cost snowboard Available in Wide Rocker construction Twin shape Green or Eco Friendly construction

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
148N, 145, 149, 152, 154, 156, 159, 153W, 156W, 159W

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Banana Magne-Traction
Twin geometries
H-Pop core with banana specific core profile
Power transfer internal sidewalls
Too many awards to list

Lib Tech Skate Banana Wide Snowboard
Lib Tech
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Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard
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Lib Tech Skate Banana

Snowboard Review:

Snow conditions: Perfect mid-season snow; grippy and soft.

Weather: A beautiful February day in Tahoe……sunny and warm!

Terrain: Medium snowboard park (10m kickers, hip, jibs and rails)
  20ft Super Pipe
  Blue and green runs

Pop: At slow speeds the Skate Banana has tonnes of pop; it’s great for ollying onto rails and jibs. On jumps and hips the Skate Banana isn’t as poppy as some other kicker-focused boards but it’s still very capable and you won’t compromise too much pop.

Flex: It’s pretty soft but it isn’t a noodle. Along the board, longitudinally, the flex is medium/soft which combined with the boards’ banana rocker profile means it’s very easy to press and butter. Although the Skate Banana definitely prefers the rider landing on ‘bolts’ (in the centre of your board) landing in the back seat doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to fall, which is nice. Torsionally and laterally the flex is jib-focused, soft and easy to press, which means that you feel absolutely everything through your feet. This is fine on jibs and soft snow but when you encounter crud or harder snow it can definitely affect stability.

Carving: I had fun carving this board on Sierra’s soft well-groomed slopes. It was lacking some of the energy of a cambered or hybrid rocker board but it was still fun and pretty stable.

Bumps: I only took the Skate Banana through a short section of relatively small bumps. Although I got through the section quickly and without any issues the bumps were definitely more tiring than they would have been on other boards I’ve ridden in he past. Due to the soft torsional flex I found that my feet were really aching and I wasn’t as stable as I would have liked.

Steep Terrain: Short turns on steep terrain aren’t as easy as they are on a firmer freestyle or all-mountain board. If you’re planning on becoming a Snowboard instructor you might want to look at some different boards to take your exams on.

Park: The Skate Banana is a really fun board for hitting the medium park, I felt immediately at home hitting the medium features in Sierra’s Alley park. Although it’s a lot of fun on medium-sized features if you’re looking for a board to help you spin off kickers above 45ft (15m) then I’d look at something with a little more torsional rigidity for landings and stability on run-ins.

Jibs and rails: Jibs and rails are what this board was designed for. Despite having brand-new edges I was more than happy to boardslide through kinks and spin onto rails. The Skate Banana is a jibbers wet dream.

Pipe: I’ve definitely felt more stable in the pipe but I could still get small airs above the lip so I was pleasantly surprised. Nevertheless if your focus is pipe then look elsewhere because this board is not going to take your pipe riding to the next level.

Freeriding: Although I didn’t manage to do any freeriding on this board I can imagine it would be a lot of fun on easyily accessible off-piste….I just wouldn’t take it anywhere that you really need to depend on it; this is not a board for AK lines!

What we reckon:  According to the Lib Tech rep no changes have been made to the 2012 Skate Banana apart from a new lick of paint……so if you’ve got the 2011 model I wouldn’t rush out to the shops for a replacement! With regards to performance; as always the Skate Banana is a lot of fun to ride and eats-up rails and medium-sized park features. As with last seasons board; if you’re a jib kid and you’re looking for a board that is jib-focused but will give you the versatility to ride the medium park and cruise around the whole mountain without too many problems then the Skate Banana is on the money. If you regularly ride icy conditions then the Mag edges will definitely come in handy too. With regards to sizing; I wouldn’t size down too much unless you want to ride it just for jibs and rails.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Lib Tech

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Aidan G on October 09, 2011 at 03:30 AM

After hearing so many good things, I finally purchased this board. I was just wondering how easy it is to manoeuvre since I will be riding in the trees?