Bataleon Distortia - 2012


Take the Evil Twin, soften it up a little, narrow the waist and add a feminine touch with some chic leopard and zebra print graphics and Bob’s your uncle you’ve got the Distortia.

Manufacturer's Description:

You know what they say about girls: They don’t ride like the boys and with the Distortia, it’s time to be proud of that! Take those booty drops from the clubs to the boxes with a narrower and softer board. This board feels right at home in the park. The specially adjusted narrow version of TWIN TBT with the wider center base offers extra stability for hitting jumps and boxes; while still keeping it super forgiving and loose. With the 4x4/16 pattern wide stances are not a problem. Very forgiving and just FUN.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for halfpipe riding Recommended for rail riding Medium cost snowboard Camber construction Twin shape Specific for Women Riders

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
143, 146, 149, 152

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Twin TBT
Core Core
Extruded Base
Precise 20 Insert Pattern
Bi Ax Laminate
Lightning Edge

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Bataleon Distortia Snowboard - Women's 2018
Bataleon Distortia

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What colour is powder?

aenkue on December 28, 2011 at 11:16 AM

it’s so light. it’s so soft. it’s so easy to turn. it’s so much fun to ride. it’s just perfect. i’d recommend to everyone to buy this board.

except on icy runs it’s a bit difficult because of the tbt. but who cares? tbt is awesome.

girls who love the park, powder and slushy runs will love it.

on the hintertux opening i tried the distortia and the dc ply for girls. after riding the distortia i tried the dc ply. i wanted to turn quickly to the bataleon again. the dc ply without tbt was heavy and hard to turn. i hadn’t fun with it. so i decided to buy the BATALEON DISTROTIA. and until now i didn’t regret my decision. with my DISTORTIA i’m a happy girl :)