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Crown LE reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Palmer Crown LE - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (10) user review(s).

Pretty much unchanged from 2010, the Palmer Crown is an expert freeride and boardercross snowboarder’s dream machine. The Crown is a complete missile at speed with unmatched stability and edge hold, and a sintered base so fast you’ll leave it unwaxed just so you don’t break through the sound barrier. For aggressive expert snowboarders only.

Palmer Crown LE

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Burn reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Palmer Burn - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (1) user review(s).

Palmer say the Burn is soft enough for freestyle… firstly there’s the matter of what kind of freestyle it’s soft enough for. In all honesty the Burn is a beast of a snowboard, take it into the pipe and there’s no doubting the Burn will smoke it in the Andy Finch matter of speaking, this board will go BIG. Then there’s kickers and hips, the burn will dominate these features but don’t expect forgiving takeoffs and landings this is a precision instrument designed to provide pop huge and ride out rutted and moguled landings, but given half a chance it will buck you off like a prize Bull. The Palmer Burn takes no prisoners.

Palmer Burn

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Saga reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Palmer Saga - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (0) user review(s).

In the Saga, Palmer meets tip to tail radial rocker, a combination even the most open-minded Palmer fan wouldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams. Curiously the combination works really well and Shaun and co. have created a great freestyle snowboard that adapts well to riding all over the mountain.

Palmer Saga

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Palmer Honeycomb - 2011 0 Palmer Honeycomb user review(s).

Another snowboard in the Palmer line-up that remains unchanged for 2011, the Honeycomb is an institution. For over a decade the Palmer Honeycomb has provided strong and confident all-mountain snowboarders with a high performance snowboard weapon to combat park, pipe and pow with.

Palmer Honeycomb

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Palmer Jade - 2011 0 Palmer Jade user review(s).

Like the Pulse and Halo, the Palmer Jade has got the ‘his and hers’ graphics thing going on with the Flash. To board its self put it simply, if you’re a lady and you want a pipe smoking, kicker crunching, rail rollicking jib machine then the Jade is right up your street.

Palmer Jade

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Palmer Flash - 2011 0 Palmer Flash user review(s).

Flash wohooo savior of the universe. The Flash Gordon of boardercross snowboarding Mr Shaun Palmer is really steering Palmer Snowboards down the freestyle snowboard route. The Palmer Flash is a pure twin with zero camber between the feet and rocker at the tips for playfulness on the jibs and rails, combined with a shape and spec designed to arm you with a weapon to hammer the slopestyle course and take down Ming the Merciless and his evil henchmen.

Palmer Flash

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Palmer Pulse - 2011 2 Palmer Pulse user review(s).

The usual Palmer quality manifests itself in prepreg laminates, a 4400 grade Isospeed base, the Smart FLF Rocker shape and a full length tip to tail poplar core. The Palmer Pulse is a quality snowboard at an affordable price that will fit the requirements of any intermediate all-mountain ripper… and yeah the graphics are the same as the Halo, like his and hers dressing gowns!

Palmer Pulse

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Palmer Halo - 2011 0 Palmer Halo user review(s).

Easy to initiate turns, stable when the speed gets turned up and progressive in the park. The Palmer Halo is everything beginner to intermediate female snowboarders need to learn and improve. So good, even the Pope wants one of these Halos.

Palmer Halo

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Palmer Liberty - 2011 0 Palmer Liberty user review(s).

The Liberty is Palmer’s all-mountain / freeride snowboard designed specifically for women. Last year the directional shape, Nomex inserts and Prepreg glass laminates made the Liberty a superlight and aggressive ride perfect for strong female freeriders. This year sees the addition of Smart FLF rocker to the Liberty. Much like Atomic’s Pop rocker, loading the camber through the turns moves the edge contact points along the edge, improving edge control and grip.

Palmer Liberty

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Palmer P-Line - 2011 1 Palmer P-Line user review(s).

Palmer and pricey are two words that tend to go hand in hand, but things are changing at legend Shaun Palmer’s brand. Palmer are building snowboards for less experienced riders and they are pricing them affordably. The P-Line is the ideal snowboard for novice riders who wants a well built ride, made of quality materials in a subtle and mature graphic.

Palmer P-Line

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