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Jade reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Palmer Jade - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kaz Willmer - (0) user review(s).

Looking for a park specific ride to start tearing up the park? Look no further! The Palmer Jade has a twin shape, soft smooth flex and a predictable tri-radial sidecut, everthing you’d expect in a women’s park board.

Palmer Jade

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Crown LE reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Palmer Crown LE - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

Palmer’s Crown LE is without doubt the most exhilarating high speed snowboard I have ever ridden, with unmatched stability at speeds which usually feel like balancing on a knife edge. The Crown LE loves effortless long carves but is also responsive to aggressive riding styles. Lightweight and stiff: torsionally and through the length of the board, with a spec as long as your arm. Extremely impressive.

Palmer Crown LE

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Palmer Halo - 2010 0 Palmer Halo user review(s).

The Halo is Palmer’s do it all women’s offering. Easy initiation and exit from turns thanks to the Klothoid sidecut and the soft flex and an impressive spec for the price. The Palmer Halo is suitable for beginners through to advanced riders.

Palmer Halo

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Palmer Liberty - 2010 0 Palmer Liberty user review(s).

Designed for experienced female riders, the Palmer Liberty’s directional shape and Klothoid sidecut make it perfect for blasting pistes, powder missions and kicker & pipe transitions. Palmer have also stripped any excess weight from the Liberty with Nomex Honeycomb inserts at the tip and tail and PrePreg glass laminate.

Palmer Liberty

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Palmer P-Line - 2010 0 Palmer P-Line user review(s).

The Palmer P-Line is a soft flexing beginners ride which still packs a fast base and PrePreg laminates. Once again Palmer have commissioned some conservative graphics for the P-Line so your new purchase won’t be out of fashion next season. A great beginners ride minus the bull.

Palmer P-Line

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Palmer Flash - 2010 0 Palmer Flash user review(s).

The Palmer Flash has all of the top spec materials that Palmer use on their all-mountain boards including a 4400 grade sintered base, Poplar wood core and Pre Preg laminates, softened up for buttering around the show and getting your jib on. Built to the usual Palmer quality for outstanding durability.

Palmer Flash

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Palmer Pulse - 2010 0 Palmer Pulse user review(s).

The Palmer Pulse has won the Future Snowboarding magazine MVP award for the last 4 years! An oustading value snowboard designed to ride the park, but happy all over the mountain, featuring one of the most loaded specs in it’s price range.

Palmer Pulse

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Palmer Saga - 2010 0 Palmer Saga user review(s).

The Palmer Saga is a rocker profiled snowboard focused on park riding, but with all-mountain capability. Expect a loose, catch free and forgiving ride with buttery spin initiation and lively slow speed pop, and don’t forget that extra float in the pow.

Palmer Saga

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Palmer Timeless - 2010 2 Palmer Timeless user review(s).

The Palmer Timeless is probably the highest spec progressive all-mountain freestyle board an intermediate will ever ride. The catch free qualities provided with the FLF sidecut and profile will help intermediate riders relax at higher speeds and concentrate on winding up for throwing down their first 540.

Palmer Timeless

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Palmer Burn - 2010 0 Palmer Burn user review(s).

Palmer’s high spec freestyle snowboard, the Burn packs all of the technology used in the freeride boards in a softened up and directional twin package. The Palmer Burn features a Beech & Poplar core with Nomex inserts at the tip and tail for greater acceleration into spins, PrePreg laminates to reduce overall weight and a high grade sintered base so you won’t clip any knuckles on your way down the slopestyle course.

Palmer Burn

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Palmer Honeycomb - 2010 0 Palmer Honeycomb user review(s).

A popular choice for those with money. the Honeycomb gets a bit of a bad rep for being a city traders weekend board, with the old stereotype of a man walking into a shop and asking for the most expensive board in the shop. Since the Palmer Platinum was released the Honeycomb has lost the stigma. Good news for actual snowboarders as it means you can buy an insanely light, super responsive and lightening quick snowboard without the ridicule. The Palmer Honeycomb is an all-mountain snowboard geared more towards experienced freeriders.

Palmer Honeycomb

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