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Contract reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Forum Contract - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Aly Mac - (0) user review(s).

So the first thing to note and probably the reason you’re staring at the topsheet with one eye while trying to read this with the other, is because there are hookers on the topsheet, which is obviously the main reason for buying this board and the same reason why we tested it. Once the risquÈ graphics are put aside what you have is a durable twin shaped snowboard designed to take the knocks that riding urban features inevitably entails. On top of this the Contract features Pop Camber which is specifically designed to get you up onto those hard to slide places.

Forum Contract

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Destroyer reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Forum Destroyer - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Aly Mac - (1) user review(s).

The Destroyer has served for many illustrious campaigns under the Forum banner since its introduction a good few years back. Twin in shape but well reinforced to give it some guts for handling tail heavy landings and icy take-offs, the Destroyer with its cambered profile suits advanced slopestyle and big kicker riders who value pop and edge hold over softer more forgiving freestyle decks.

Forum Destroyer

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Forum Spinster - 2012 0 Forum Spinster user review(s).

I could tell you all about the Forum Spinster’s twin shape and Double Dog profile. About how Swingers Club tip profiling makes the Spinster easier to spin and how the Booter Boosters increase pop off jumps and spring out of carves, but the fact that the Spinster has a rainbow and a wide eyed kitten with a flick knife on the topsheet mean you’re probably already sold.

Forum Spinster

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Forum Rat - 2012 2 Forum Rat user review(s).

The Forum Rat is another urban jib machine much like the Contract, but it is available in more limited quantities and doesn’t have ladies of the night on the topsheet.

Forum Rat

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Forum Recon - 2012 0 Forum Recon user review(s).

I honestly thought I would never see the day that the Recon got rockered, but it’s happened. The Recon is exactly the same as it was before, it features an extruded base, a directional twin shape and directional flex pattern and a medium/soft flex, but it’s now also sporting Chilly Dog rocker instead of camber.  The Recon is a fantastic snowboard for beginners through to intermediates to learn the basics of freestyle snowboarding on.

Forum Recon

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Forum Substance - 2012 1 Forum Substance user review(s).

Peter Line abuses this Substance daily and it makes him a better snowboarder. It might be the versatile directional twin shape, the playful Chillydog profile or lively directional flex that make the Substance so addictive; one thing’s for sure, if one of the most innovative snowboarders of the last two decades is hooked on it, that’s some good sh*t right there!

Forum Substance

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Forum The Deck - 2012 1 Forum The Deck user review(s).

Looking for an alternative from camber but rocker is too loose and wishy-washy and the hybrids just don’t cut the mustard. Well the Forum Deck with its bizarre camber profile with raised edges under the toe and heel of the bindings is an attempt to blend the loose feel of rocker with the response and edge hold of camber. The twin shaped Deck also features Swingers Club tips for a reduced swing weight and Booter Boosters carbon reinforcement for uber pop. This year the Deck has very cool graphics and an awesome blunted shape.

Forum The Deck

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Forum Young Blood Chilly Dog - 2012 1 Forum Young Blood Chilly Dog user review(s).

It used to be that the Young Blood really was for young riders who needed a shorter and softer board, at the time little else was available for groms and teens. Now the Young Blood has grown up with the generation that it was originally built for and the sizes now include a 152, 154, 156 and 155W. With its progressive medium/soft flex, park orientated flex and reverse camber profile the Young Blood Chillydog is a great snowboard for lapping the park and turning the rest of the resort into a playground.

Forum Young Blood Chilly Dog

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Forum Bully - 2012 0 Forum Bully user review(s).

Nobody likes a bully, Forum are trying to change this with their mid-wide, Double Dog profiled, freestyle sledge. This Bully is forgiving and playful and likes nothing better than to make you laugh and giggle with glee as you spin, flip and jib your way down the hill. Why exactly did Forum call this board the Bully?

Forum Bully

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Forum Conflict - 2012 0 Forum Conflict user review(s).

This year Pat Moore joined John Jackson and is now riding the Forum Conflict. For those that don’t know, the Conflict is the fully cambered snowboard in the Forum range that will put hairs on your chest, even though Form has softened the flex a little this year. Its directional twin shape makes it more versatile than any other Forum Board as the Conflict is designed to ride everything from scary steep pillow lines to faultless Superpipe transitions.

Forum Conflict

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Forum Honeypot - 2012 0 Forum Honeypot user review(s).

The Honeypot seems to be the board that Forum’s engineers experiment with their latest ideas every year and also tend to hit the sweet spot on the graphics front too. This year the Honey Pot gets the all new Grand Pops profile; traditional camber between the feet and then a flat profile from the bindings to the start of the kicks. Controversially, the Grands Pops profile is identical to DC’s new Lock and Load Camber, which might ruffle a few feathers. From the middle of these flat sections to the ends of the tips run the Car Bomb Carbon Booms, web-shaped carbon reinforcement designed to give explosive pop.

Forum Honeypot

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Forum Manual - 2012 0 Forum Manual user review(s).

Forum have got plenty of reverse camber true twins for you to choose from. The Manual isn’t unlike the others; it has a slightly softer flex than the Scallywag, using a little less reinforcement keeps the cost down. The Manual is a park and street rail board and is priced affordably, because nobody wants to take an expensive board to a concrete ledge no matter how good the footage is.

Forum Manual

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Forum Scallywag - 2012 0 Forum Scallywag user review(s).

Last year I held off on the pirate lingo in the intro because I knew our tester Ben would be cramming them into his review of the board, but this year we didn’t test it so I can fill me boots! Aaarrgggghhh me hearties, if you be needin’ a twin park shred for plunderin’ the park and buttering your weevil riddled muffin then the Scallywag with her Chillydog with POP profile and other witchcraft be one mighty ship. Now where can me gets a glove for me hook and a chin strap for me pirate hat.

Forum Scallywag

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Forum Young Blood Double Dog - 2012 0 Forum Young Blood Double Dog user review(s).

Want the Youngblood but need more pop and on-edge performance? You might well enjoy the meaty flavour of the Young Blood Double Dog, a hybrid rocker/camber combo meal that enjoys the pop of camber in the tips and the catch-free buttery-ness of rocker between the bindings.

Forum Young Blood Double Dog

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Forum Destroyer Double Dog - 2012 0 Forum Destroyer Double Dog user review(s).

The same shape and materials that feature in the Detroyer make their way into the Destroyer Double Dog, the only difference being that the DDD is pressed with Forum’s Double Dog Profile; rocker between the feet and camber under the feet. You can bet the Destroter Double Dog will be easier to ollie, more forgiving for off centre landings and a lot more playful just goofing around.

Forum Destroyer Double Dog

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Forum Holy Moly - 2012 0 Forum Holy Moly user review(s).

The Holy Moly is a love or hate snowboard, there’s no “well it’s ok” or “yeah I kinda liked it”; it’s either “this board is the bomb” or “this board is pants”. Last season I fell into the latter category, the flex felt pretty stiff and the flex was kinky, it didn’t feel aggressive or forgiving just a bit planky and the Combo Platter made very little sense to me. But that is one person’s opinion and that alone, lots of people raved about it. I think the defining characteristic of the Holy Moly is that the feel you get from riding the Holy Moly is unique and like anything you’re not used to, takes time to become accustom to. The Holy Moly is a medium/firm flexing park shred with unique features and an equally distinctive feel.

Forum Holy Moly

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