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Scallywag reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Forum Scallywag - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (10) user review(s).

The second year of testing the Scallywag and the second season we’ve raved about it. I’ll save the inevitable pirate speak for the review, needless to say the Scallywag is more fun than a week on a pirate ship with a lifetimes supply of rum. A must have for any freestyler!

Forum Scallywag

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Holy Moly reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Forum Holy Moly - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (2) user review(s).

The Holy Moly is probably the most eyecatching snowboard of the 2011 season. The graphics are standout in the luminous orange, yellow and blue colour-ways and the boards construction is like nothing you have ever seen. Approach with care, damn the Forum Holy Moly looks cool, but it’s quite an awkward and soulless snowboard to ride. For laps of your local hill’s pro line jumps and superpipe it’s ideal but for anything else you’d have more fun riding a railway sleeper.

Forum Holy Moly

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Forum Honeypot - 2011 0 Forum Honeypot user review(s).

The Forum Honey Pot takes the shape and Combo Platter profile of the Holy Moly but drops the Triaxial glass and Booter Boosters in an attempt to make the Honeypot more manageable for less aggressive riders on a tighter budget.

Forum Honeypot

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Forum Destroyer Chillydog - 2011 0 Forum Destroyer Chillydog user review(s).

Another shocking graphic from the kings of controversy. The skull on the topsheet is that of a murder victim, now turn over the board and discover the murder weapon hidden in the text. Don’t believe me, look at the ‘R’, that wouldn’t happen to be a crowbar would it? The Destoyer continues to provide experienced snowboarders with the goods they need to lay waste to the park. The Chillydog profile adds that little bit of fun, like jam in a rock hard doughnut. The Destroyer is also available with standard camber.

Forum Destroyer Chillydog

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Forum Aura - 2011 0 Forum Aura user review(s).

A soft flex, the stable and predictable grip of camber all joined in a price point package. If you’re looking to buy your first snowboard, or just want a quality board to potter around the whole mountain, be it catching some air in the park or dipping into some powder the Aura is a class investment.

Forum Aura

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Forum Spinster - 2011 0 Forum Spinster user review(s).

The Spinster is Forum’s snowboard of choice for nasty girls. If you can ride it, slide it or grind it then the Spinster is probably the board you want under your feet. She’s not all that bad though, with Forum’s ChillyDog rocker and biaxial glass, this horror will let you off the occasional mistake without punishing you.

Forum Spinster

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Forum Contract - 2011 0 Forum Contract user review(s).

Every night you cruise the streets, generator in the boot of your car, friends in the back and your boards on roof. You all spot the handrail at the same time. The run-in is sketchy and the light could be better, but hey you didn’t pack the geni for nothing. After 30 minutes of sorting the run in and the landing, the session is on its way. You’re riding the Contract because this is what it was made for.

With the Forum Contract everything is designed for making the most of your micro shred sessions. Super soft glass; the Pop Camber profile for low speed pop and super easy presses; and Forums all new 0-60 base which will have you at trick speed at least a yard before your mates; is there a better board on the planet for making the most of urban rail missions?

Forum Contract

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Forum Rat - 2011 1 Forum Rat user review(s).

Do you remember the Forum Street Dweller? How ridiculous was that snowboard, there was one set of inserts, no base or topsheet graphics bar the Forum logo… ok it doesn’t sound that stupid at the so far. Did I mention there were no edges! Forum have moved on since the Street Dweller and the Forum Rat is the result of their hard work. Everything from the super soft biaxial glass laminates, composite wood core (kinda like MDF) and Pop Camber profile make the Rat maneuverable poppy and forgiving at low speeds. Great for getting yo urban shred on fool!

Forum Rat

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Forum Youngblood - 2011 1 Forum Youngblood user review(s).

The Forum Youngblood is the deck of choice for young guns. Whether you like it rockered or cambered, no worries, Forum have introduced the ChillyDog profile to the Youngblood but continue to manufacture it with camber too. The Youngblood is perfect for Lightweight riders young or old, and the simple spec makes it the perfect park focused shred stick.

Forum Youngblood

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Forum Substance by Peter Line - 2011 0 Forum Substance by Peter Line user review(s).

The second most popular board on for the whole of 2011, the Forum Substance’s popularity just goes to show that Peter Line hasn’t lost his touch. Featuring a twin shape, medium soft directional flex and ChillyDog rocker, the Substance is a great shred stick for snowboarders from Beginner to pro to hit the park on or get creative wherever there’s a transition to session.

Forum Substance by Peter Line

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Forum Pat Moore - 2011 3 Forum Pat Moore user review(s).

Freestyle snowboarders don’t really get any more serious than Pat Moore. Pat tweaked the flex on his pro snowboard for 2011, the overall flex is softer, but Pat has stiffened up the tail for mega pop and sticking powder landings.

Forum Pat Moore

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Forum Star - 2011 0 Forum Star user review(s).

Looking for an all-mountain companion? If you’re after a snowboard to cruise around the groomers on, take to the park and hit the occasional bit of powder then the Star could be a great match. The Women’s specific ChillyDog rocker, directional twin shape and biaxial glass will help you progress faster than you thought, while the easy maintain extruded FreeBase will help you to get to grips with tuning your rides. Sweeeet!

Forum Star

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Forum Sauce - 2011 0 Forum Sauce user review(s).

Looking for something to spice up your favorite past-time? We’ll providing we’re on the same page; the Sauce is a good thing. Everything about the Forum Sauce is dialed for female park shredders; from the tasty graphics to the narrow waist and female specific ChillyDog profile. Now get out there and put a lick of Sauce on everything

Forum Sauce

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Forum Manual - 2011 0 Forum Manual user review(s).

The jib-tastic Manual and its soft forgiving nature is coming to a shop near you. If you’re the kind of rider who butters into every jib on the hills, hits technical rails switch and is planning to attempt a backside 3 to MJ slide this coming season; then you simply shouldn’t go riding without the soft rocker profile, twin shape, biaxial glass and beveled edges of the Forum Manual.

Forum Manual

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Forum Conflict - 2011 1 Forum Conflict user review(s).

The creator of the Rossi JDub, Mr John Jackson made the move to Forum a couple of seasons ago. With his penchant for insanely large jumps and cliff drops so big other riders would think they’d found the edge of the world and ridden straight off it, it’s hardly surprising that John’s board at Forum is serious bit of kit. The stiffest flex in the Forum line meets triaxial glass for improved response and edge-hold and a camber profile with carbon Booter Boosters for uber pop. Like going big?

Forum Conflict

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Forum Scheme - 2011 0 Forum Scheme user review(s).

The Scheme combines a soft-ish flex with a directional twin shape and a slightly stiffer tail, for freestyle versatility in all types of conditions. Then there’s the Chillidog Rocker profile which has been added for 2011. We weren’t blown away by the Scheme last year but with the addition of one of the tastiest rocker profiles on the market, this year’s Scheme is going to be completely different story.

Forum Scheme

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Forum Recon - 2011 4 Forum Recon user review(s).

With more seasons under its belt than most of Forum’s pro team (Peter Line definitely not included in that statement!) the Forum Recon is a proven park shred. Sure the Recon might not have the highest spec materials or most pioneering shape but it works and it’s cheap as chips, what more do you want?

Forum Recon

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