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Scheme reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Forum Scheme - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The Forum Scheme is an all-mountain freestyle board with a soft torsional flex and a stiffer longitudinal flex. Too stiff longitudinally to be a jib board, too soft torsionally to be a snowboard for monster kicker lines and high speed carves, the Scheme has found it’s home in backcountry kicker riding where the strange flex pattern really works, offering easy and responsive carving in deeper snow and tons of pop.

Forum Scheme

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Scallywag reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Forum Scallywag - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (5) user review(s).

In contention for being one of the funnest rides of the season, the Forum Scallywag is the perfect snowboard for any freestyler from beginner to pro who loves lapping the small to medium lines in the park and bonking everything. The board is so easy to ride and catch free, that it gives you tons confidence to step up your riding.

Forum Scallywag

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Forum Manual - 2010 0 Forum Manual user review(s).

Soft biaxial glass, a tip-to-tail Poplar core for consistent pop, an extruded base for durability during those street handrail session and bevelled edges to reduce the risk of hanging up on the kinks. Forum know how to manufacture a handrail and jib specific snowboard… they’ve been at the forefront of the urban scene since their start.

Forum Manual

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Forum Amor - 2010 0 Forum Amor user review(s).

Biaxial glass, soft flex, directional-twin shape and a setback stance make the Forum Amor a perfect board for beginner to intermediate girls looking for a soft, forgiving ride that they can start trying some jumps and jibs on or just use for cruising around the pistes.

Forum Amor

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Forum Eddie Wall Pro - 2010 0 Forum Eddie Wall Pro user review(s).

Seen the DC Mountain Lab movies? Well Eddie destroys technical rails and huge pro line kickers all on his pro snowboard. Essentially the Forum Eddie Wall is the Forum Young Blood on steroids for those riders wanting to step up their riding this season.

Forum Eddie Wall Pro

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Forum Pat Moore Pro - 2010 0 Forum Pat Moore Pro user review(s).

Backcountry kickers to crazy street rails. The light triaxial glass and profiled core make the Forum Pat Moore Pro perfect for that gnarly kinked rail you’ve been checking out for weeks, while the medium flex, sintered base and 10mm set back stance provide the goods you need for highspeed run-ins and powder landings.

Forum Pat Moore Pro

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Forum Seeker - 2010 0 Forum Seeker user review(s).

A supercharged Destroyer for slopestyle domination. The Seeker has the same shape as the Destroyer with Carbon fibre reinforced triaxial glass for improved edge hold and response and a stiffer tip to tail flex, and a super fast sintered base so you don’t hit the tables on those 60ft kickers.

Forum Seeker

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Forum Destroyer Chillidog - 2010 0 Forum Destroyer Chillidog user review(s).

Take Forums long running and team favourite the Destroyer add a handfull of Chillidog rocker, go easy on the american mustard and ketchup. What you get is a rail and kicker sandwich with the forgiving and buttery nature of a rocker profile…tasty!

Forum Destroyer Chillidog

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Forum Substance (Peter Line) - 2010 0 Forum Substance (Peter Line) user review(s).

Peter Line has invented more tricks than you can do! The Substance reflects Peter’s freestyle pedigree, a twin shape, rocker construction, an agressive sidecut and full to the brim with technical features. Peter’s only a little lad so bear that in mind, if you’re not.

Forum Substance (Peter Line)

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