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Compatriot La Mosca - 2012 0 Compatriot La Mosca user review(s).

Kevin Jones might not be riding for Compatriot this season but he still got a pro model. It’s amazing what a double page spread of a monstrous triple backflip will earn you. Kevin’s riding these days is backcountry freestyle, the La Mosca meets his needs with a punchy flex and the durable construction Compatriot is famous for. Size down to the 149 PC La Mosca if you’re lighterweight or just more interested in park and jibs.

Compatriot La Mosca

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Compatriot Valkyrie Twin - 2012 0 Compatriot Valkyrie Twin user review(s).

Compatriot Team rider Rob Kingwill has always operated under the media radar, damn the man was one of the few men to beat Terje in the halfpipe during Terje’s almost unbeaten rule on the sport in the late 90s. Now Rob’s focus is on big mountain freeriding he’s still bagging big competition wins. Rob’s has two well-deserved pro models, the standard 158 twin is Rob’s board for all-mountain riding; cliff drops on powder days and pipe on icy days . When Rob hits the park he sizes down to his 154.5 with park camber for a more forgivinig and agile feel.

Compatriot Valkyrie Twin

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Compatriot The Commissioner - 2012 0 Compatriot The Commissioner user review(s).

Any board called the “Commissioner” is bound to rule the freeride roost. At 169cm in length with plenty of taper and a powerful cambered profile the Commissioner is no shrinking-violet, it’s a statement of intent, intent to destroy fresh snowfalls and scary terrain.

Compatriot The Commissioner

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Compatriot Outra Vez - 2012 0 Compatriot Outra Vez user review(s).

The Compatriot Outra Vez is a mid-wide freeride gun with a fresh-track mind. If it’s the steep and deep you want to slay, the Outra Vez’s extra width, directional shape and 164cm running length will provide plenty of effective edge for grip and surface area for all important float. Carbon fibre stringers and a complex glass weave provide power for big anchoring cut-backs and stomping tail heavy landings in abundance.

Compatriot Outra Vez

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Compatriot The Movement - 2012 0 Compatriot The Movement user review(s).

Solid all-mountain freestyle performance and nuke-proof construction are trademarks of the Compatriot Movement. The fact that these boards are designed to work in and are tested in Jackson Hole means performance is a given.

Compatriot The Movement

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Compatriot Lupara PC - 2012 0 Compatriot Lupara PC user review(s).

For those that like the sound of the Lupara but want to tone down the camber a little for an easier, more forgiving and of course uber press tweaks a plenty ride the Lupara Park Camber has a very shallow micro camber that pretty much mimics the feel of zero camber with a drop more pop.

Compatriot Lupara PC

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Compatriot Lupara - 2012 0 Compatriot Lupara user review(s).

Compatriot Snowboards prides itself on building snowboards that will survive being slung into the boot of your truck, thwacked across a tree jib and ground across a gnarly rock slide. The Lupara takes Compatriot’s rugged construction and squeezes it into a short twin shaped park ride with a snappy camber and carbon stringer combination.

Compatriot Lupara

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