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Compatriot Kevin Jones - 2011 0 Compatriot Kevin Jones user review(s).

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Kevin Jones is back and he’s riding for Compatriot Snowboards. Kevin’s influence on snowboarding has been enormous, from the early days in Tahoe to his years at the start of the last decade where he pioneered spins onto rails and huge kicker spins, Kevin was pretty much a constant figure on the winners podium. Over the years Kevin has had pro-rides on Lamar, Forum and the now defunct Jeenyus, so he knows how to design a snowboard. Who knows what Kevin is up to these days on a snowboard, all we know is, he’s doing it on a Compatriot Snowboard. If that isn’t a first class endorsement what is?

Compatriot Kevin Jones

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Compatriot Valkyrie - 2011 0 Compatriot Valkyrie user review(s).

Rob Kingwill gets his own pro model with Compatriot and to be honest it’s about time. Rob kind of skims under the radar, he’s got the skills to pay the bills when it comes to big mountain riding and he’s also had more than his fair share of podium finishes in world class pipe riding competitions, basically he’s one of the most underrated riders out there. Based on the Compatriot Movement and developed in some of the best freeriding mountains in the world, the Valkyrie’s firm flex, carbon pop and directional twin shape make it perfect for riding pow all morning and then smoking a superpipe in the afternoon.

Compatriot Valkyrie

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Compatriot Outra Vez - 2011 0 Compatriot Outra Vez user review(s).

Because you can’t ride powder day-in-day-out, Compatriot designed the Outra Vez. Amercian made and packing the usual Compatriot high spec materials, the Outra Vez is designed to meet the needs of competent freeriders who want the stability and float of a slightly longer and directional snowboard but don’t want a board so stiff that they can’t just cruise around and a shape so powder specific that they can’t rip it down the groomers. The Outra Vez’s topsheet features great artwork from Draplin Industries.

Compatriot Outra Vez

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Compatriot Commissioner - 2011 0 Compatriot Commissioner user review(s).

The Commissioner would be better named the Powder Baron, an evil looking champion of powder slaying. With more float than a Zeppelin pumped full of fairy dust, the Compatriot Commissioner is designed for high speed assaults on snowfields and powder laden tree runs. When the weather has dumped a months worth of snow in one evening there’s nothing more dialled for powder charging than the Commissioner. With its 169cm running length, tapered shape and snappy cambered profile, there’s no chance of sinking this royal ride.

Compatriot Commissioner

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Compatriot Movement - 2011 0 Compatriot Movement user review(s).

The Movement is the Burton Custom (cambered version of-course) equivalent in the Compatriot range. Punch camber meets a directional twin shape. Take it off jumps, pump it through the flat bottom of a superpipe or dive into the pow and throw yourself off some cliffs. With camber, carbon stringers and a specially prepared and milled wood core the Movement looks like one of those boards that won’t wash-out no matter how hard you push it.

Compatriot Movement

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Compatriot Falcon GFR - 2011 0 Compatriot Falcon GFR user review(s).

Aggressive all-mountain snowboarders have a new muse! Designed for riders who know their snowboarding arse from their elbow, the Compatriot Falcon GFR will climb up pipe walls faster than a rat up a drain pipe and cut through crud and churned up powder like a hot knife through butter. The Falcon GFR is the stiffest snowboard in the Compatriot line up and certainly not for any snowboarder who isn’t carving confidently down icy double diamond black runs.

Compatriot Falcon GFR

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Compatriot Lupara - 2011 0 Compatriot Lupara user review(s).

No, no, no you’ve got it all wrong, Compatriot Snowboards aren’t new, they’ve just been dormant for the last couple of seasons. The Lupara is Compatriots jib and park weapon, like the pump action shotgun that adorns the topsheet the Lupara is perfect for destroying any transition in sight. Compatriot don’t do gimmicks, so you won’t find any namby-pamby rocker on the Lupara, this park ride uses Compatriots ridiculously poppy EN7 camber and bolsters it with carbon fibre stringers. At 151cm this bad boy’s sawn-off but you can still rip hard!

Compatriot Lupara

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