Pro Snowboard Tips

Immense natural ability, a complete lack of fear and absolutely no concern of their own wellbeing are attributes Pro snowboarders have by the wagon load and the average snowboarder will never possess. However, choosing the right board for the terrain you're riding can make the difference between a great days shredding where you're at the top of your game or the most frustrating 6 hours of your life.

We asked a handful of the world's best snowboarders from across the spectrum of snowboarding disciplines about what snowboard they're rocking and what makes it so perfect for the terrain and conditions they ride.

Dan Wakeham - Pipe

Britain’s first male snowboarding Olympian, Dan has been riding the world cup halfpipe tour for the last 5 years of his life. There’s nobody on the planet more qualified to talk about what makes a great halfpipe board than Dan, especially as his opinions have evolved with his experience.

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Eiki Helgason - Rails

Buttery smooth rail and jib skills have made the Helgason and his brother Halldor famous throughout the snowboard world. Growing up in Iceland without a local park to rip Eiki took his skills to the street and alfresco furniture. Eiki took Snowboard Review through why he chooses to ride the Rome Artifact 1985 on his favourite terrain.

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Jamie Nicholls - Park

British snowboarding’s answer to Shaun White, Jamie isn’t the next big thing to hit the world snowboarding scene, he’s already dominating every competition he enters. Jamie’s only 15 but with a lifetime of park riding under his belt he has knowledge well beyond his years. Snowboard Review was obviously curious to know what Jamie will be using to throw down on in 2010, and why his board makes such a good slopestyle snowboard.

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Nico Muller - Green

Nico Muller needs no introduction. Standout sections year after year in Absinthe’s films big hitters have sealed Nico’s position as one of the most versatile and stylish freestyle snowboarders on the planet. Nico has always been conscious of the detrimental effect of snowboarding on the environment but for the last couple of years has been steering Burton down the green road. With the release of Nico’s green ride the EcoNico last year and Burtons GMP outerwear (non-harmful waterproofing and 100% recycled fabrics), Snowboard Review got to chat to Nico about his current shred, the Burton T6.

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Eric Themel - Freeride

Austrian daredevil Eric Themel needs little introduction. Terrifying couloir straight-lines, picking a line through the tightest of trees at mach 10 and throwing big 360s off impossibly steep spines are what’s taken Eric to the top of the Freeride World Tour. Eric talks to Snowboard Review about the tools of his trade.

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Peter Bauer – Big Mountain

European snowboarding pioneer, Amplid Snowboards co-owner and AK guru Peter Bauer designs snowboards and rides them on the most critical Big Mountain lines and off the gnarliest 50ft cliff drops. Who better to ask about what makes a killer Big Mountain snowboard?

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