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Posted: 05 January 2011 05:45 PM

Common answers to forum questions here!

1. Can I link to my site?

No - no self promotion is allowed. You can post URL’s in context from other sites, but not your own. Sorry, but forums are always targeted by spammers who show up and try to post a bunch of links so we have to have a hard policy.

2. How do I get a pic next to my name?

Click “Control Panel” when you are logged into find a way of uploading an avatar, or using one of ours.

3. What is the text under my name for all my posts and the green dots?

When you reach a certain number of posts, that text changes to reflect how active you are in the community, and you get a new dot too. Below is a full list of titles/dots and how many posts you need to get them.

Snowboard Virgin - 1 dots - 0 posts
Piste Cruiser - 2 dots - 10 posts
Park Monkey - 3 dots - 25 posts
Local Resort Ripper - 4 dots - 50 posts
Shop Rider - 5 dots - 100 posts  
Pro Rider - 6 dots - 200 posts      
Video Section Hero - 7 dots - 350 posts  
World Cup Champion - 8 dots - 550 posts  
International Playboy - 9 dots - 800 posts
AK Legend - 10 dots - 1100 posts

4. Can I have a signature?

No, see 1.  We may change this for users with high post counts (and therefore not as likely to spam) in the future.

5. Can I bump my thread?

We’d prefer you didn’t.

6. Can I post images?

Yes. Use the [img] tag button to link to an image hosted elsewhere, or attach images to the forum if they meet the size criteria. Attaching them to your forum post is preferable as it generates a small thumbnail which can be clicked to view the larger version.

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