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Posted: 04 October 2014 07:49 AM

-first thing first decide your price range. typically “high end” goggles are towards $150 and higher but I’ve seen plenty of goggles go cheaper when on sale or on ebay.
-decide frame size and/or no frame, typically if you pay more the frame will be smaller and you will have better peripherals.
-ask yourself if you want functionality or style. this is super important due to the fact that goggles that don’t fog and keep wind out of your face can cost $20, but goggles with style might have cool features like a frame less design might make you snowboard more passive since your cautious not to slam on your face and wreck your goggles
-lenses choice is important as well, usually darker lenses are for daytime but they are still usable at night. less tinted lenses are more suitable for night since they dont make things much darker but can be annoying in the sun,its really up to you and what you ride i recommend trying both and seeing what you like better
-polarized goggles help reduce glare i think (i don’t own any polarized lenses)
-spherical or cylindrical is a choice you’ll also make since all goggles have either of the two for their lenses, more expensive goggles have spherical lenses most of the time but that doesn’t mean cylindrical lenses are bad, they’re just not as “cool”

i own a pair of smith I/Os and Electric eg2.5s both are great but the lens swap system on the smiths is better

feel free to add anything i missed

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