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Posted: 22 August 2014 01:08 AM

Hey all!

Just wanted to say I’m back after getting advice from you folks 2 years ago on my own personal first board! But this time, I’m shopping for my sister! She’s not as picky as I was, so she just asked for “whatever, something kinda cheap-ish.” Well, I wanted to at least get her something that’d work well for her!

She’s 5’3” and about 140lbs (160cm, 60kg). She’s like an “advanced beginner,” in that she went riding between 5 to 10 times and is right at the cusp of linking turns. But overall, she needs something that she can grow with on the slopes, learn how to control her riding, and comfortably be able to link turns and start carving. Also, we ride on the East Coast of the US, so she’ll likely need something that hold an edge when carving on the icy slopes here T-T

So, based on my options (deals from last season’s models), I’ve narrowed it down to 2 boards for her: the Ride Rapture and the Flow Venus. Which would you recommend between the two, if you had to make a choice? The Rapture’s LowRize camber profile seems pretty straightforward in terms of how it rides, but the Venus’ EZ-Rock seems intriguing because it’s a rocker with camber underneath the feet, and I’m not familiar with how that rides. Can anyone provide some more insights as to how those ride in more detail?

Also, any recommendations for the bindings?

Thanks a bunch!

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