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Posted: 25 February 2013 09:56 PM

Hi everyone.. noob here..

I’m stressing out a bit because my Triumph is starting to look like it’s on its last legs. I’ve been having a difficult time finding a new board, particularly since a lot of the tech has changed since I bought it.

I’m looking for a board that is going to give me aggressive control at very high speeds, decent float in powder. It can be directional, as I don’t ride switch too often on that setup.  This setup needs to be aggressive enough to absorb bumps and ungroomed terrain in very hard, icy snow (Alberta, most of the time) and occasionally rip down chutes and float over powder.

Mid-wide is ideal.. I’ve noticed not a lot of brands do this anymore. Is that because normal boards have become wider in general?

Here’s an old description of the board:

I’m thinking Burton’s Custom X would be a good match for what I’m looking for, but honestly, the price seems ridiculously high. I’d be looking to find a “last year’s model” board, so obscure brands/boards are better since they usually get passed over for the obvious choices. I’m not a brand whore or anything, so any suggestions are welcome.


edit: as an aside.. do the names of all the “proprietary” technologies across brands piss anyone off? makes things impossible to compare.

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