New deck for park or no? 



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Posted: 24 February 2013 01:42 PM

Hey guys, I’m focusing on park rides these days and wanted some advice on a possible deck change.
I’m riding a 2009/2010 Endeavor live series
do you guys think i should go for a more park oriented deck or stick with this all-mountain?
any suggestions???
also, my bindings are like 6 years old, but still very good
should i used these bindings until they literally break apart?
when do you know when you should replace your bindings?

Too many questions! Sorry




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Posted: 07 March 2013 06:06 PM

Hey there,
your questions are answered pretty quickly:
The Live Series probably aren’t the first choice if you want to buy a park board but that does now mean you can’t shred the park with it!
Just try it out and if you feel like the board is really letting you down in the park, then go buy another one. If you’re fine on jumps and boxes, stick with it.

It doesn’t really matter how old your bindings are, as long as they still give you a tight fit and work properly. No need to change just because they are a couple of years old!

Cheers Tobi



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Posted: 22 June 2013 11:47 PM

I have only rode 4 boards to date since 1999 (seriously)...

started with a stiff, Ride board for about 6 years then advanced to a couple different Burtons and now I’m having success with my lib tech skate banana.

Pretty good response in all conditions and flexibility in park and pipe and boxes. I was suggested to get this due to the magnetraction side cut to help with the icy conditions in the midwest, and the serrated sidecut helps with boxes and rails and not catching an edge.

I also use older bindings and since they’re still good, I get good response even with a newer board.

Just a thought!

Mike Broh


Rich Ewbank

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Posted: 24 June 2013 08:14 AM

I’ve ridden the Live a couple of times. It’s pretty much a true twin and the flex is mid/firm so it’s actually a pretty good board for the bigger features in the park. If you want to play about on the smaller jumps and boxes then you maywell benefit from riding a board that’s a bit more forgiving and softer. By the way it’s the cambered Live right? Not the RC version?

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