161w or 158 for Ride Machete 2013



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Posted: 02 February 2013 03:54 PM

Hi all,

Looking at buying ride Machete, I would say Iam at beginner / intermediate level.  Love natural jumps but looking to venture into the park eventually.

I have been told by my local store that I should be riding a 161w, My stats are - size 9.5 uk , 10.5 us boot size , 189lbs @ 5ft 11. Originally I planned on getting the 158 for a more playful board that turns easier now I don’t know what to go for. My weight puts me on a longer reg board or 157w- 161wbut will I really notice the difference between the 161w and 158 ?

I have missed the last 2 season due to injury and thought the 158 would be better for turning and small jumps ect.

Any thoughts to help me decide ? Thanks in advance

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