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Posted: 07 March 2012 04:54 PM

Hey all, hoping to collect any help you may have to give!

I’m going to take the plunge and buy my first board/bindings this weekend, having bought some Salomon F22 boots last season.

I’ve been riding a board for the last 10 years with approx one week each season - I’m comfortable on most groomed runs, other than particularly steep/icy blacks.

I’ve not really hit up a park before and rarely ride switch, although don’t want to completely lose the opportunity to improve at either of these things.  I do want at least want to master air to 180s and other simple aerial manouvres.

I enjoy bombing it along groomers and love powder, although I ride it very infrequently I hope to increase my time on the pow in the future.

I’ve narrowed the choices down to:

Salomon Mans Board
Ride Antic
Rome Headline
K2 Lifelike

Does anyone have experience of one or more of these boards, and in light of my ability/intended uses have any thoughts?




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Posted: 17 March 2012 11:49 PM

Hey robertmcx,

the Salomon board you mentioned is a quite stiff ride for the more advanced rider who really likes to ride aggressively and pump into carves really hard.

As you are not too much of an advanced rider, yet, I’d suggest you take one out of the other 3 you mentioned!
All really solid boards for intermediates looking for an allmountain-board more on the freeride side.
Chosing between those 3 is probably about personal taste.. compare them again and go for the one you like most!

Cheers Tobi

edit: whoops, sorry for the late reply!

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