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Posted: 02 March 2012 04:42 AM

hopefully a quick question.

My mate has offered his used board for sale to me a:
Lib tech Travis Rice pro C2BTX 2011 but its a 157cm.

I am 190Lb (85Kg) 5ft 11 with size 10UK boots.
I mostly like to charge down the groomers at mach 10.
I also like to play around a with kickers put some little spins in, and hit some powder when available, and occasionally a bigger jump in the park.

im use to 162cm old stiff cambered board, and want something more playful.

Will this board size be okay, or must I really head for something a bit longer 159 to 160cm?

I was looking at a new rossi one mag 159cm or never summer SL, until i was offered this nice deal.



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Posted: 02 March 2012 09:19 AM

I am 180 and 78 kg. I ride the Rossi One Mag 163. I think that gives extremly good float in pow that is a need to stick landnings and also maintain speed on the way to the natural terrain feature you want to hit. The shape of the board makes it handle a lot like a 4-5 cm shorter board. The swing weight maybe a problem to more advanced riders. To me who like B.C 180/360 its fine and well and I prefer that extra float.

On the other hand I ride a 155 chamber freestyle board for park and piste and I also thake that board BC when its 10-20 cm pow and firmer snow below. So a 157 with a more floaty profile like banana shape might take you to some pow on the side of the piste.

If you go for pure B.C snow that is not riden during the winter I think that 157 is way to small.

As for high speed on piste runs I think LiB and Rossi are the same.

I have only ridden the splitt version of LiB Techs TravisRice Pro modell and that board ain´t to playfull. Owerkill for your riding style and level I think.


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Posted: 02 March 2012 11:32 AM

Hey MP,

You tested a load of splits right? Which ones did you test? Are you getting a lot of opportunity to tour?



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Posted: 02 March 2012 12:09 PM

Hello R!

There are so many tour options that it´s more or less endless.  No big mountains. Like 200-300 vertical meters of treeriding. Good for me on a day after work or on a saturday beafore dinner =)

I will also do some more big moutain touring in the spring. I.e after easter.

I have tested the LibTech Travis Rice pro splittboard, Burton Freerbird and Jones Solution.

I think I like LibTech most. Or the Jones. Burton is a bit softer and more for treeriding. Not a big moutain board.

And you R? I think I recall that you bought a big bad splitt last year?

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