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Windlip Dream Warrior - 2011Snowboard added by Rich Ewbank - (0) user reviews.

A big departure from Windlip’s usual freeride focused creations the Dream Warrior has a twin shape and wide stance for freestyle riding. At 159cm it is probably a bit long for riding rails and boxes, unless of course you are of grand stature, but for all-mountain freestyle it’ll fit the bill, especially if you like Windlip’s handmade vibe.

Windlip Dream Warrior

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Windlip Woodstock - 2011Snowboard added by Rich Ewbank - (0) user reviews.

Woodstock was a one of a kind festival. All of the great, musicians of the time played and any hippy worth his flares had tripped on psychedelics in its hallowed fields. So you may be wondering why a small custom build snowboard brand making a handful of boards a season is naming its new release after probably the most famous music festival of all time (Glastonbury excluded), especially as they’re builing the boards in a tiny workshop hidden away in the Savoir (French Alps). It might be because the guys putting together the boards are old enough to have been to Woodstock, but it’s probably more likely to be because a Windlip Woodstock is also one of a kind. New to the Windlip, the high pricetage, customisable spec, premium handpicked materials and loving hand build will mean it stands out like the festival as a labour of love… damn I’m getting teary eyed writing this. The Woodstock is a stiff big mountain charger for the kind of freerider who values craftsmanship over gadgetry. Like driving a Bristol instead of a BMW.

Windlip Woodstock

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Windlip Eco Rocket - 2010Snowboard added by Rich Ewbank - (0) user reviews.

Serious about big mountain riding and saving the environment? Windlip may have created the first credible green snowboard, a cold pressed ride based on their J-Class snowboard, made with high quality but 90% biodegradable materials. The Eco Rocket will kill it over the whole mountain and go some way to saving our planet at the same time, just don’t leave it in a damp shed for too long!

Windlip Eco Rocket

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Windlip GT - 2010Snowboard added by Rich Ewbank - (0) user reviews.

Holy mother of Mary! The Windlip GT has the ability to destroy you. Carbon and Glass laminates with a Carbon topsheet make the GT immensly stiff, add in the Poplar / Beech core to make the GT even more lively and a ISO sport Nano tech sintered base and you have one of the stiffest and most outrageous freeride boards on the market. Oh and I forgot to mention that the guys at Windlip will customise the GT to your specification for a little extra dollar. Expert freeriders only!

Windlip GT

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Windlip J-Class - 2010Snowboard added by Rich Ewbank - (1) user reviews.

There are hand-made snowboards and then there’s Windlip snowboards, lovingly assembled in Pussy (Yep it’s an actual place in the Savoie, France), in a tiny factory by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. The J-Class is a freeride classic in the making, with H-Glass and Carbon biaxial reinforcement and heavily tapered shape you know it’ll cut the mustard on and off piste. Finished with a Cedar and Bamboo topsheet for that classic Hawii steeze. Oh and if you like the board but the spec’s not quite right, they’ll build you a custom board with your own specification. Want one? Thought so!

Windlip J-Class

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